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 Latest News - Last updated Tuesday 31st March 2015, 20:13
March 31, 2015
Raikes Easter Pairs
Friday 3rd ....10am......Not The Draw.

M.Opie/S.Anderson, D.Halstead/B.Clarke, M.Evans/L.Pritchatt, C & D Hodge, G.Meakin/B.Whyatt, L.Mynard/M.Hargreaves, M.Bastin/B.Turnbull, P.Horton/L.Casey, S.Meakin/B.Wilson, T.Kitchen/J.Kenny, P.Leah/D.Hibert, P.Lee/N.Bennett, J.Seeley/K.Barks, P.Wilson/T.Wood, M.Coupe/S.Patterson, C & L Ramell.............All Welcome on all sessions....Final Sunday 5th 10.30am.

March 31, 2015
Raikes Easter Pairs
Friday 3rd...1pm......Not The Draw.

D.Holt/P, H.Hargreaves/M.Holden, I.Holden/M.Gilbert, M.Hewitson/R.Ascroft, R.Anderson/B.Daniels, J.Manson, S.Beckinsall, R.Hoyles/J.Hibberson, R.Turscanyi/P, M.Flemming/W.Finn, A.Davies/G.Moss, G.Barnes/K.Bebbington, K.Buck/I.Fraser, G.Taylor, T.Anderson, N.Hopwood/P, D.Walker/A.Harrison, J.Bannister/T.Ashford.

March 31, 2015
Raikes Easter Pairs
Saturday 4th ...10am....Not The Draw.

L.Pacey/I.Mellin, D.McDermott/J.Gardner, J.McDermott/R.Walters, M.Audin/A.Hughes, P.Taylor/J.Bottomley, J.Barlow/M.Byron, G.Brayshaw/S.Walker, K.Cottrell/M.Shepherd, D.Yule/P, P.Lindsay/E.Keeling, J.Urmson/S.Harrison, B.Butler/G.Eckersley, L.Powell/T.Lowndes

March 31, 2015
Raikes Easter Pairs
Saturday 4th April .1pm.....Not Draw.

E.Glen/D.Foxton, M.Holcroft/P, T & A Teeling, D.Phillips/S.Ridley, J.Foulds/P, M.Sutton/S.Foster, E.Ferguson/F.Wilkinson, G & G Herbert, K.K Wally/A.Midwood, C.Newton/A.Brogden, M.Nelson/J.Watson, M.Havern/P.Vaughan, J.Dalzeil/P, B.Smith/D.Heyes, A.Taylor/L.Ibbitson, T.Burrows/D.Porter.

March 30, 2015
Hambleton Bowling Club
Hambleton Open Doubles - Entry 12 per pair.


Saturday 20th June 4pm (8) or 5pm (8) start

Sunday 21st June 4pm (8) or 5pm (8) start

Finals Night - Sunday 28th June 4pm start

Sixteen Pairs each night, win two games to qualify for Finals Night

Winner 150
Runner Up 100
Semi-Finalists 50
Quater-Finalists 15
(prizes subject to entries)

All entries to Gary Creer 07731579096 or email garycreer@hotmail.co.uk

March 29, 2015
Strawberry Gardens
Strawberry Gardens.

Please find a message from Dave Walters Bowling Secretary at Strawberry Gardens to all Teams and Visitors visiting during the 2015 season. Due to the construction of the new pavilion at the Strawberry Gardens this year, there will be some disruption and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience to players. All visitors should also beware of potential trip hazards around the green during this season.

March 28, 2015
Jubilee Bowling League
League handbooks.

Handbooks will not be ready until April 8th, once I have them I'll contact teams for drop off or pick up. Of note Central have dropped out of the league, all Division 2 teams will now have extra byes.

March 21, 2015
Easter Pairs @ Raikes
Friday 3rd and Sat 4th Final Sun 5th April...10.30am.

Within next couple of days will produce who,s on which Day......we have ..Saturday 10am we have 3 Vacancy To enter please ring Joe Barlow on 07980253250

March 20, 2015
Welcome Bowling League
St Georges change of Home Green.

St Georges have moved from Ashton Gardens to play their Home Fixtures from Hope St Recreation Ground St Annes FY8 3SL

March 17, 2015
Welcome Bowling League - Over 50s
Anchorsholme 'A' .

Anchorsholme 'A' have dropped out of league due to lack of players. Their fixtures have been replaced with a No Fixture

March 02, 2015
Welcome Bowling League
Team drops out of League.

Mythop Bowling Club have had to drop out of this league due to lack of players Their fixtures will be replaced with a bye

January 28, 2015
2015 - Website Updates

Please note that work is now underway to update the website for the 2015 season.
The main objective over the coming weeks is to ensure that the LEAGUE FIXTURES are updated online.
Should you find any anomolies please let us know.

In the meantime please allow myself and other Secretaries time to update all other information, e.g. Contact details/Cup matches/rules etc. These will be updated online in due course. Please be patient, this is a big task. Thankyou.

January 27, 2015
Waterloo News
Waterloo Updates for 2015 Season.

This Thursday 29th January commencing at 7.30pm tune in for all the latest news on the Waterloo on www.globegig.com/live-events LIVE from the Globegig Studios in Norbreck. Mark Audin and Tony Gatley will bring you up to date news from our Wembley of Bowls, also other special guests will be on the programme. Mel Evans MBE will once again be hosting the programme. It,s Free to Watch.

January 25, 2015
Blackpool & Wyre Ladies Evening Bowling League
Captain's Meeting February 16th, 7.15pm @ Norbreck Tennis / Bowling Club.

League fees are to paid on this night. 27 per team, plus 60p each for any extra books (10 per team as standard). From the Committee.

January 17, 2015
Jubilee Bowling League

Please be aware that all the information for the AGM has been sent out to clubs. If you have not received your information please contact me. The AGM is at Marton Institute @ 7pm on Monday 26th of January. Please be advised that this is the Presentation also, all prize winners should attend. Julie 07896797733.

January 15, 2015
Thornton Cleveleys Men's Bowling League
2015 A.G.M and Prize Presentation Evening.

Willl be held on Mon 2nd Feb 2015, 7.30pm at Bispham Conservative Club, Red Bank Road, Bispham, Blackpool.

Documentation can be viewed/Downloaded here:

League Entry Form
League Structure
2014 Minutes
Balance Sheet

January 13, 2015
Over Wyre Bowling League
AGM - 3 Feb - Golden Ball - 7.30pm.

Link to Agenda below. Inskip, Galgate & Elletson Arms have all submitted applications to enter a team into the league.


January 09, 2015
Knott End & District Bowling League
Annual General Meeting 2015.

The AGM for the 2015 season will be held on Tuesday 3rd February, 8.15pm at the Golden Ball



January 08, 2015
Blackpool & Wyre Ladies Evening Bowling League
Staining Village Bowling Club.

I have recently heard that Jean Boyes a founder member of Staining Village Bowling Club passed away before Christmas. I would like to pass on our condolences to her family and friends. Julie

December 23, 2014
Blackpool & Wyre Ladies Evening Bowling League
Fleetwood Bowling Club Ladies Team.

FBC ladies are looking for new / old players for the coming season. Please contact Bridget Spindler on 872677 or bridgetspindler1@gmail for further details. Julie H.

December 23, 2014
Jubilee Bowling League
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Festive greetings to one and all. It's that time of year again...please would you send me an email confirming your team entries in to the Jubilee Bowling League for 2015 season. We have 3 new teams joining this season already. Details for the AGM will be sent out next week. Julie H.

December 12, 2014
Blackpool & Wyre Ladies Evening Bowling League
Poulton Ladies.

It is with great sadness that I have been informed that Muriel Wiseman has passed away recently. I am sure that you all join me in passing our condolences to her family. Julie H

November 01, 2014
Blackpool & Wyre Ladies Evening Bowling League
Players wanted.

Ashdell Bowling Club are looking for new players for the 2015 season. Any enquiries please contact Pat Wilson on 01253 892429 or Jean Bee 01253 355330.

October 28, 2014
Thornton Cleveleys Men's Bowling League
VACANCY for League Treasurer Position.

The league are now looking for a League Treasurer, following the resignation of Ron Rhodes due to Ill health. Any person interested in taking up this position should contact the league Secretary or Chairman before Dec 31st 2014.
Many thanks. L Kitchen, League Secretary.

October 16, 2014
North lancs & Fylde Ladies County Bowling
County Invitation Match v Civil Service Ladies Team.

Sunday 19th October at Woodplumpton BC Starts 2pm; NL & Fylde Team; S.Kayley, J.Holcroft, D.Hunt, L.Traynor, K.Wilson, A.Holt, W.Harris, C.Russell, B.Danson, J.Patmore, C.Lockwood, K.Garnett............All Welcome.

October 07, 2014
Welcome Bowling League

The AGM of the Welcome Bowling League will be held on Wednesday 26th November @ 7:30pm @ Marton Institute

October 04, 2014
Fylde Amateur Bowling Association
Annual General Meeting.

Note for your diaries.
The league will be holding its A.G.M. and prize presentation evening on Wed 12th November 2014 at Marton Institute, 7:30pm. Further details will be sent to club secretaries shortly.

September 30, 2014
Blackpool Indoor Bowls @ Newton Hall Staining
Superbowl Flat Green v Crown Green.

Monday 13th to Friday 17th October Tickets are 3 for Day Games and 2 for Night Games, Final Day is 7. Tickets have to be pre-booked by phoning 01253 301447, which takes place at the above venue. See the Finest Crown Green Bowls against your top Flat Green Bowlers, 2 games at 10am, 2 games at 2pm, From 7pm is Pairs and Finals Day is Pairs Semi, and Final and Singles Final.

September 30, 2014
NL & Fylde Ladies County Bowling
Inter-Town Bowling League.

Any ladies Teams who would be interesting in joining the Intertown Bowling League, Please Contact Kath Watkinson on kath157@hotmail.co.uk, teams consist of 8 players playing most Saturday Afternoons from April to September on different Greens......Thank You.

September 29, 2014
Joe Barlow End of Season Doubles
Second Round /Semi + Final Results.

G. Brayshaw/G. Prime 15 v P. Elliott/C. Martin 21...T. Kitchen/N. Bennett 11 v G. Meakin/ B. Whyatt 21...M. Fleming/B. Finn 11 v I. Court/D. Porter 21...J. Hibberson/C. Anderson 9 v K. Buck/I. Fraser 21.....SEMI-FINAL P. Elliott/ C. Martib 21 v G. Meakin/B. Whyatt 13...I. Court/D.Porter 21 v K. Buck /I. Fraser 18....FINAL P. Elliott/ C, Martin 21 v I. Court/D. Porter 18 Thanks to Joe Barlow for the Sponsorship

September 29, 2014
Joe Barlow End of Season Doubles
First Round Results.

A. Taylor/P. Walker 14 v G. Brayshaw/G. Prime 21..M. Brooks/K. Lawton 8 v P. Elliott/C. Martin 21..T. Kitchen/N. Bennett 21 v D. Foxton/ E. Glen 14..B. Taylor/T. Anderson 10 v G. Meakin/ B. Whyatt 21.. D. Heyes/ J. Seeley 20 v M. Fleming/ B. Finn 21..I Court/ D. Porter 21 v B. Butler/E. Johnston 13..J. Hibberson 21 v K. Cottrell/ M. Shepherd 18.. J. Barlow 7 v K. Buck/I Fraser 21

September 27, 2014
Waterloo Bowling Men,s Champion of Champions
Saturday 27th September.....Bowling starts at 10am.

If anyone is interested you can watch LIVE today from 2pm on www.globegig.com/live-events-room the Mens Champion of Champions, FREE of Charge..............also just to let you know on www.talkingbowls.com you can watch the Marton Inst 64 Final between Greg Smith and Mike Leach, which took place on Tuesday 16th Sept.

September 27, 2014
Waterloo Open pair Results from Q/F
Friday 26th Sept.

Q/F; C.Barker/P.Evans 21-13 J.Wyer/S.Homer, G.Wilson/T.Johnstone 21-10 M.Holden/L.Ollerton, A.Daykin/J.Dyson 21-15 C.Brown/C.Wraight, T.King/B.Harris 21-19 P.Lee/G.Eckersley...S/F; G.Wilson/T.Johnstone 21-13 C.Barker/P.Evans, T.King/B.Harris 21-6 A.Daykin/J.Dyson.....Final; T.King/B.Harris 21-17 G.Wilson/T.Johnstone........Excellent Bowling all Day.

September 25, 2014
Waterloo Bowling...Mens Champion of Champions
Saturday 27th September 10am Start.

Sean Morrey v W.Ditchfield, J.Dyson v J.Davison, J.Kennish v S.Coupe, P.Evans v T.Johnstone, J.Bailey v D.Griffiths, D.Hallam v D.Plenderleith, R.Prosser v J.Badderley, G.Nash v B.Harris, C.Brown v A.Mailer, G.Smith v B.Welsby, G.Ellis v C.Fielding, L.Howard v S.Simpson, W.Rogers v C.Wraight, G.Wilson v Steve Morrey, A.Turner v R.Goddard, L.Griffin v A.Daykin..........Admission is 10. Food Available and Bar.

September 20, 2014
Waterloo Finals Day 2014 Season.
Waterloo Finals Day Matches.

Anyone wanting to watch a re-run of the Waterloo Finals Day can do so now and it,s Free, go to www.globegig.com/crowngreen. Please take a look, well worth watching the Matches, you will also be able to watch Blackpool,s Joe Urmson in his last 8 match v Craig Newton.

September 18, 2014
Semi Final and Final Results.

Semi- Final.... G. Storer 15 v C. Wraight 21, C. Ward 18 v C. Mordue 21,...Final.... C. Wraight 16 v C. Mordue 21

September 18, 2014
Final Day results.

Round 2...G Storer 21 v S. Coupe 14, A. Spragg 18 v L. Brown 21, M. Sweeney 21 v H. Hornby 12, Jason Jones 19 v C. Wraight 21, D. Fisher 15 v C. Ward 21, John Jones 21 v L. Heaton 9, C. Mordue 21 v R. Hitchen 8, P. Grimston 21 v G. Cookson 10...Round 3...G. Storer 21 v L. Brown 11, M. Sweeney 19 v C. Wraight 21, C. Ward 21 v John Jones 13, C. Mordue 21 v P. Grimston 18.

September 18, 2014
Results of final day.

G. Storer 21 v R Goodhand 15, S. Coupe 21 v D. Chatwin 20, A. Spragg 21 v A. Tattersley 20, L. Brown 21 v K. Cottrell 19, M. Sweeney 21 v P. Davies 20, T. King 19 v H. Hornby 21, Jason Jones 21 v D. McDermott 18, C. Wraight 21 v D. Petcher 15, D. Fisher 21 v C. Armitage 18, J. Kenny 16 v C. Ward 21, John Jones 21 v B. Smith 15, L. Heaton 21 v P. Dudley 20, P. Dawson 13 C. Mordue 21, N. Simpson 15 v R. Hitchen 21, D. Scarth 13 v P. Grimston 21, J. Kennish 14 v G. Cookson 21.

September 16, 2014
Waterloo Last 8 Finals Day
Wednesday 17th September 10am;.

Chris Brown 21-18 Paul Dudley, Daniel Jones 21-16 Steve Morrey, Gary Ellis 21-15 John Evans, Joe Urmson 7-21 Craig Newton......Semi-Finals; Chris Brown 21-13 Daniel Jones....Gary Ellis 21-18 Craig Newton.......FINAL; Garry Ellis 21-16 Chris Brown...........Gary equalls Brian Duncan record of 5 wins.

September 16, 2014
Mens Talbot Last 32 Finals Day
Thursday 18th September 10am Start.

G.Storer v R.Goodhand, S.Coupe v D.Chatwin, A.Spragg v A.Tattersley, L.Brown v K.Cottrell, M.Sweeney v P.Davies, T.King v H.Hornby, Jason Jones v D.McDermott, C.Wraight v D.Petcher, D.Fisher v C.Armitage, J.Kenny v C.Ward, John Jones v B.Smith, L.Heaton v P.Dudley, P.Dawson v C.Mordue, N.Simpson v R.Hitchen, D.Scarth v P.Grimston, J.Kennish v G.Cookson......Admission 3.............

September 15, 2014
Waterloo Last 16
Tuesday 16th September 10am start.

Andy Hayes 13-21 Chris Brown, Stuart Goodwin 14-21 Paul Dudley, Daniel Jones 21-14 Terry Glover, Steve Morrey 21-20 Graeme Wilson. Gary Ellis 21-20 Mike Tunstall, John Evans 21-18 Tommy Johnstone, Neil Grant 20-21 Joe Urmson, Matt Gillies 15-21 Craig Newton.

September 15, 2014
Marton Super 64 Finals Night
Tuesday 16th September 6.30pm Start.

Ryan Clark 9-21 Mike Leach, John Bailey21-11 Mel Evans, Glynn Cookson 15-21 John Reilly, Daniel Jones 6-21 Greg Smith. ....S/F; Mike Leach 21-8 John Bailey, John Reilly 6-21 Greg Smith.....Final; Greg Smith 21-11 Mike Leach...........Thanks very much to Marton, to Tom King, Graham Jones, John Holyoake and all the Ladies Great 5 Nights.

September 14, 2014
Ladies Waterloo Last 32 Results
Sunday 14th Sept (pt2).

RM 21-19 LGorman, MB 21-18 S.Fox, DH 21-13 K.Galvin, E.Berry 14-21 KC, LS 21-15 D.Jackson, D.Watters 17-21 JB, KE 21-19 L.Pritchatt, CW 21-16 A.Young.....Quarter-Finals; R.Manning 14-21 M.Barnes, D.Hodge 17-21 K.Coulthard, L.Smith 21-18 J.Broadhurst, K.Earl 21-18 C.Williams...Semi-Finals; M.Barnes 17-21 K.Coulthard, L.Smith 13-21 K.Earl........Final; Katrina Earl 21-19 Kaye Coulthard.

September 13, 2014
Autumn Waterloo Last 32
Monday 15th September 10am/1.30pm.

A.Hayes 21-20 S.Yearsley, C.Brown 21-13 R.Hargreaves, S.Goodwin 21-13 B.Booth, P.Dudley 21-18 D.Jackson, J.Thompson 12-21 D.Jones, C.Armitage 14-21 T.Glover, S.Morrey 21-18 G.Cookson, J.Ball 19-21 G.Wilson, G.Ellis 21-15 G.Mills, M.Tunstall 21-16 D.Fisher, J.Evans 21-16 N.Burrows, W.Ditchfield 9-21 T.Johnstone, M.Holden 10-21 N.Grant, J.Brown 20-21 J.Urmson, M.Gillies 21-10 R.Moxham, C.Newton 21-14 A.Thornton

September 10, 2014
Ladies Waterloo Last 32
Sunday 14th September 10am Start.(PT 1).

R.Manning21-16 K.Kelly, R.Bennett 14-21 L.Gorman, M.Herbert 15-21 M.Barnes, L.Ollerton 15-21 S.Fox, D.Hodge 21-18 M Saville-Fearn, K.Galvin 21-13 A.Buckley, E.Berryw/o v S Walsh, K.Coulthard 21-19 J.Alderman, S.Bentham 15-21 L.Smith, D.Jackson 21-20 P.Conchie, D.Watters 21-16 J.Gleave, C.Hall 15-21 J.Broadhurst, A.Pendleton 10-21 K.Earl, L.Pritchatt 21-18 K.Hill, C.Williams 21-19 H.Gilroy, A.Young 21-13 S.Robson.

September 08, 2014
Waterloo Last 64
Saturday 13th September (Morning Session 10am Start )..

M.Fellows 13-21 A.Hayes, C.Haynes 19-21 S.Yearsley, C.Brown 21-16 J.Dyson, R.Hargreaves 21-11 D.Petcher, S.Goodwin 21-14 S.McManus, B.Booth 21-20 M.Gilmore, P.Dudley 21-15 D.Ferris, S.Mellor 10-21 D.Jackson, J.Thompson 21-10 R.Nicholson, D.Jones 21-19 I.Nicholson, G.Hickey 16-21 C.Armitage, T.Glover 21-20 G.Storer, S.Morrey 21-16 L.Turner, M.Wilson 9-21 G.Cookson, J.Ball 21-20 T.Taylor, B.Vinden 9-21 G.I Wilson.

September 08, 2014
Waterloo Last 64
Saturday 13th September (Afternoon Session from approx 1pm).

G.Ellis 21-18 G.Smith, J.Marshall 18-21 G.Mills, D.Barwise 14-21 M.Tunstall, B.Phillips 17-21 D.Fisher, A.Broadhurst 17-21 J.Evans, N.Burrows 21-13 M.Hargreaves, W.Ditchfield 21-15 G.Hilton, T.Johnstone 21-16 L.Heaton, M.Holden 21-10 T.King, J.Diebeckin 17-21 N.Grant, B.Morgan 16-21 J.Brown, J.Urmson 21-20 T.Lowndes, N.Dolan 10-21 M.Gillies, R.Moxham 21-10 E.Ralphson, C.Newton 21-15 P.Bradley, A.Thornton 21-12 R.Turscanyi.

September 08, 2014
Marton Institue 64
Friday 12th September 6.30pm.

John Reilly21-17 Robin Turscanyi, Darren Edmondson21-13 John Evans, Andy Thornton14-21 Simon Coupe, Chris Kelly21-14Bob Smith, Dave Fisher21-16 Gareth Jones, Derek Heyes 2-21 James Grimston, Dean Ward 21-20 Thomas Lowndes.. Ryan Clarke21-15 Barry Lowden...JR 21-14 DE, CK 21-16 SC, DF 21-18 JG, RC 21-6 DW......JR 21-17 CK.......RC 21-15 DF......J.Reilly (6).......R.Clarke (1)

September 08, 2014
Marton Institue 64
Saturday 13th September 6.30pm.

Tommy Kitchen17-21 Dave Watters, Daniel Jones21-15 Graham Hickey, Lee Johnstone21-14 Mike Fleming, Gary Ellis 21-11 Mark Audin, Dave McDermott6-21 Gregg Smith, Lee Casey10-21 Graeme Wilson, Dave Scott 10-21 Lee Dale, Paul leah7-21 Tommy Johnstone.....DJ 21-10 DW, LJ 21-16 GE, GS 21-12 GW, LD 21-14 TJ.......DJ 21-17 LJ, GS 21-20......DJ (7)......GS (8)

September 08, 2014
Marton Institue 64
Sunday 14th September 6.30pm.

Simon Brown 11-21 Richard Goddard, Alex Heaps6-21 Ricky Cochrane, Stuart Goodwin13-21 Bob Parkinson, Ian Booth16-21 Mel Evans, Glynn Cookson21-12 Paul Jackson, Terry Jepson 12-21 Wayne Ditchfield, Lynn Pritchatt 21-11 Alan Midwood, Carl Armitage21-8 Duncan Reeves......RG 21-17 RC, ME 21-12 BP, GC 21-10 WD. LP 21-15 CA.......ME 21-14 RG, GC 21-15 LP........Mel Evans (4).....Glynn Cookson (5)

September 08, 2014
Marton Institue 64
Monday 15th September 6.30pm.

John Bailey21-20 Dave Jackson, Dennis Herbert 20-21 Alan Ward, Paul Dudley21-15 Dan Petcher, Darren Chatwin 19-21 Chris Brown, Andy Cairns 21-15 Joe Urmson, Mel Byron 21-18 Matt Gillies, John Kennish 18-21 Mike Leach, Brian Thompson20-21 Steve Davies........2nd; JB 21-13 AW, PD 21-16 CB, AC 21-12 MB, ML 21-5 SD.....John Bailey 21 Paul Dudley 14, Andy Cairns 5-21 Mike Leach.

September 07, 2014
Jubilee Bowling League
Roy Tandy last 8.

Many thanks for the support for the Roy Tandy Handicap played on Marton Institute on Saturday 6th September. We had a full 32 handicap with some brilliant bowling all day. The last 8 were; Michelle Purnell 7, Lee Casey 21; Mike Holcroft 21, Martin Parker 7; Caroline Hall 14, Clive Brook 21; John Foulds 21, Tom Kitchen 19. Semi finalists; Lee Casey 20, Mike Holcroft 21; Clive Brook 21, John Foulds 19. Finalists; Mike Holcroft 21, Clive Brook 6.

September 03, 2014
Fylde Bowling Diary
Whats on down in Blackpool from 12th Sept .

Friday 12th Marton 64 ..6.30pm, Sat 13th Waterloo Last 64 ..10am....Sat 13th..Ladies Talbot at Marton Inst ..10.30...Sat 13th...Marton 64..6.30pm...Sun 14th..Ladies 32 Waterloo 10am..Sun 14th...Marton 64...6.30pm...Mon 15th..Waterloo L32..10am..Mon 15th Marton 64..6.30pm..Tues 16th..Waterloo L16..10am..Tues 16th..Marton L8..6.30pm...Wed 17th Waterloo L8 10am....Thurs 18th...Mens Talbot Raikes L32 10am.......All Draw,s coming up early next week....Peter Jose will be at all any info 07596230870.

August 30, 2014
Jubilee Bowling League
Roy Tandy Competition 2014 - Marton Institute Saturday 6th September.

10am;Michelle Purnell V Clive Cook;Bob Smith V Pete Dixon;Lee Casey V Tony Ashurst;Jim Kenny V Bob Wilson 11am;Gary Sanderson V Eric Moore;Mark Brooks V Michael Holcroft;Martin Parker V Paul Cook;Jim Seeley V Jackie Manson 12pm;Terry Jepson V Caroline Hall;Geoff Brayshaw V Carl Martin;Gordon Meakin V Paul Dawson;Clive Brook V Tracy Martin 1pm; Chris Snell V Kevin Cotterell;John Foulds V Sue Newton;Dennis Foxton V Colin Newton;Tom Kitchen V Derek Heyes

August 29, 2014
Waterloo Bowling Comp Open Doubles
Friday 26th September.

1 Day with 32 entries with 4 on the card.The Competition is open to Ladies and Men and it can be a Mixed Pair if you wish. Entry is 12 per pair with around 500 in Prize Money. If you wish to enter please contact Mark Audin on 07986799299.

August 27, 2014
Fylde Federation Association
1st Team and A Team Matches Sunday 31st August 2pm.

1st Team Play Preston in an all takes Title match with the Home leg being played at Norbreck while the A Team play Bury with the Home Leg being played at Fleetwood Cricket Club, Both Matches commence at 2pm.........All Welcome at both venues.

August 26, 2014
Welcome Bowling League
Attenborough Cup Final.

Raikes win the Attenborough Cup by defeating Highfield Park 149-128 @ The Waterloo Many Thanks to The Waterloo and Mark Audin for letting us play this Final there

August 24, 2014
Jubilee Bowling League
Roy Tandy Competition 2014.

Due to lack of entries to make a 64 competition viable, it will now be held as a 1 day competition on Saturday September 6th. Start times and the draw will follow asap.

August 19, 2014
End of season Vetrans Doubles Competition
Joe Barlow Doubles @ The Raikes.

There will be a Doubles Competition for Bowlers who have played in Welcome Over 50's League or Fylde Vetrans Mens League to be played at Raikes BC on Monday 29th September 10am start. 16 entries at 10 a Pair to Joe Barlow Tel 07980253250 He has some entries already so be quick and get your entry in now

August 16, 2014
Cleveleys Mens Open Doubles
Saturday 23rd August....10.00 and 10.45.

10am; P.Dawson/M.Briggs v M.Gardner/P..G.Meakin/P v B.Smith/P..C.Newton/T.Brogden v J.Manson/S.Beckinshall..T.Brown/N.Coppin v J.Jones/G.Cooper...10.45; J.Urmson/S.Harrison v N.Bennett/P..J.Kenny/T.Kitchen v B.Daniels/R.Anderson..K.Truby/N.Coupe v C.Crompton/B.Horman..J.Richardson/P.Murphy v M.Jackson jnr/M.Jackson snr

August 16, 2014
Cleveleys Mens Open Doubles
Saturday 23rd August......11.30 and 12.15.

11.30; S.Anderton/M.Opie v S.Armer/P..F.Jolly/V.O,Donnell v R.Hoyles/R.Ibberson..J.Bannister/P v J.Moores/T.Bailey..R.Turscanyi/P v M.Harkin/R.Nixon..12.15; P.Atherton/J.Carr v K.Newbury/P...V.McDonald/P.Lee v G.Little/P..M.Smith/P v D.Foxton/E.Glen..F.Anders/T.Houghton v G.Wood/P.

August 08, 2014
Results for Friday 8th August.

D. Watters 14 v L. Brown 21....D. Gilmore 21 v P. Hawker 16....M. Hill 21 v C. Newton 16....C. Laithwaite W/O....I. Booth 16 v M. Fallows 21....N. Webster 20 v M. Evans 21....J. Woodward 17 v L. Heaton 21....M. Gilmore W/O....Second Round..L. Brown 21 v D. Gilmore 20....M. Hill 21 v C. Laithwaite 5.... M. Fallows 21 v M. Evans 12.... L. Heaton 21 v M. Gilmore 10....Third Round.. L. Brown 21 v M. Hill 15....M. Fallows 20 v L. Heaton 21....Qualifiers L. Brown and L. Heaton

August 06, 2014
Wednesday 6th August results.

V. O'Donnell 6 v D. Jackson 21....J. Ball 19 v S. Morrey 21....N. Coupe 14 v J Kenish 21....M. Leach 21 v I Howells 7....M. Fleming 21 v B. Reilly 13....D Scott 21 v D. Hughes 11....G. Wilson 21 v K. Truby 8.... S. Morrey 16 v D. Scarth 21....SECOND ROUND D. Jackson 21 v S. Morrey 16....J Kenish 21 v M. Leach 15....M. Fleming 21 v D. Scott 20.... G. Wilson 20 v D Scarth 21....THIRD ROUND D. Jackson 14 v J. Kenish 21....M. Fleming 19 v D. Scarth 21... Qualifiers.... J. Kenish and D. Scarth

August 05, 2014
Wednesday 6th August .

There is another Qualifier of the Talbot Handicap on Wednesday 6th August start 10am. Come along and watch some good bowlers in action

August 05, 2014
Tuesday 5th August results.

J. Marshall 13 v C. Mordue 21....D. Ferris 17 v D. Sillitoe 21....A. Spragg 21 v J. Mordue 15....A. Ward W/O...T. Riley W/O....Second Round. C. Mordue W/O.... D.Sillitoe W/O....A. Spragg 21 v A. Ward 9....T. Riley W/O....Third Round. C. Mordue 21 v D. Sillitoe 14....A. Spragg 21 v T. Riley 14.....Qualifiers C. Mordue and A. Spragg.. We had 16 entries but only 8 turned up

August 05, 2014
Blackpool & Wyre Ladies Evening Bowling League

Can we remind all last years trophy winners to please clean them up and return them to Sue Done before the end of the season. Many thanks.

July 30, 2014
Cleveleys Mens Mix Doubles
Sunday 3rd August...............12.15.

12.15; M.Evans/L.Pritchatt v R.Anderson/D.Benn, A.Goldsborough/J.Bannister v M.Jackson (snr)/P, J.Howarth/J.Sharman v L.Ollerton/M.Holden, J & D Navin v J & M Cooper.

July 30, 2014
Cleveleys Mens Mixed Doubles
Sunday 3rd August.............10am to 11.30am.

10am; F.Anders/E.Fullove v D.Darley/C.Dawson, G.Cooper/P v E.Keeling/J.Lee, S Armer/p v B.Smith/p, V.O,Donnell/E.Pye v J.Foulds/S.Beckinsall..10.45; F & J Jolly v J.Manson/J.Kenny, R.Owen/L.Dye v P.Murphy/J.Richardson, M & J Hewitson v P.Conchie/p, G & L Wood v M.Jackson/p...11.30; J.Jones/p v P.Lee/B.Clarke, C.Johnstone/J.Hamphries v P.Dawson/C.Hall, P.Barlow/A.Young v M.Gardner/A.McCormick, G.Taylor/B.Daniels v S & C Newton.

July 27, 2014
Jubilee Bowling League
Roy Tandy Trophy dates.

Could I have any entries for the Roy Tandy Trophy please asap, played on Marton Institute; 6pm or 6.30pm session Saturday 30th August 6pm or 6.30pm session Saturday 6th September 6pm or 6.30pm session Saturday 20th September 6pm or 6.30pm session Saturday 27th September; play 3 games on the night. Finals night, last 8, 6pm Saturday 4th October. Unlimited club entries. 312846 / 07896797733 / 07980632909. Julie.

July 26, 2014
Sunday 27th July
NL & Fylde Ladies and Fylde Federation.

The NL & Fylde Ladies County play Lancashire at Blackpool Subs commencing at 2pm, the Fylde Federation Team play Cannock at Gardeners Arms commencing at 2pm and the Fylde A Team Federation play at Marton Inst commencing at 2pm.

July 25, 2014
Cleveleys Mens Mixed Doubles Finals Night
Friday 25th July commencing at 6.00pm.

P.Dawson/C.Hall v J.Gloag/J.Chetwood....R.Cochrane/S.Germaine v R & K Boon...D.Lunn/E.Foey v V.O,Donnell/E.Pye....S.McDermott/M.Purnell v B.Gloag/C.Lockwood.

July 25, 2014
Fleetwood Bowls Festival
Finals Day commencing at 9.45 25th July at Marine Gardens.

Mens; C,Wraight v M.Holmes, T.Burrows v B.Holdsworth, C.MacDonald v W.Stewart, J.Bailey v D.Edmondson..........Ladies; S.Speed v J.Hargreaves, M.Lyons v G.Dalton, L.Ollerton v J.Green, K.Galvin v C.Wilson.......

July 23, 2014
Strawberry Gardens Singles
Tuesday 22nd July.

Jeff Brown 21 v Stan Billington 14, Alf McDermott 17 v Steve Halliwell 21, Jimmy Hartshorn 21 v Gerry Riley 19, Colin Newton 20 v Paul Hillam 21, Mike Jackson (Jnr) 21 v Mick Emery 15,John Hambleton 21 v Brian Holdsworth 19, Bob Smith 9 v Dave Ford 21, Mike Heap 21 v Steve Meyer 15. Jeff Brown 21 v Steve Halliwell 8, Jimmy Hartshorn 21 v Paul Hillam 18, Mike Jackson (Jnr) 14 v John Hambleton 21, Dave Ford 21 v Mike Heap 13. 4 Winners qualify.

July 22, 2014
Fleetwood Bowling Festival
Ladies Last 32 on Thursday 1.30pm on Marine Gdns Nu 4.

S.Speed, K.Watkinson, D.Walker, S.Phillips, N.Cooper,J.Owen, S.Barber, J.Hargreaves, D.Hughes, M.Lyons, L.Collins, D.Farmer, J.Jolly, S.Harper, G.Dalton, R.Mizon, P.Roscoe, J.Harrison, L.Ollerton, L.Bennett, B.Walsh, D.Hunt, J.Walsh, J.Green, C.Lockwood, K.Galvin, C.Hall, T.Wraight, M.Hughes, L.Forshaw, J.Gloag, C,Wilson

July 22, 2014
Fleetwood Bowling Festival
Mens Last 32 to be played Thursday at 9.45am Marine Gdns Number 4..

J.Melvin, K.Boon, M.Andrews, C.Wraight, M.Holmes, P.Hawker, K.Charnock, A.Ashton, D.McDermott,T.Burrows, A.Wike, J.Hartshorn, C.Chapman, C.Garner, K.Bannister, B.Holdsworth, B.Danford, A.Fargher, C.MacDonald, M.Britton, W.Stewart, J.Foulds, R.Ellis, D.Ferris, J.Bailey, G.Wilson, N.Bennett, J.Evans, R.Goddard, D.Edmondson, D.Lunn, A.Farmer.

July 22, 2014
Strawberry Gardens Open Singles
Monday 21st July Results.

Dave Rolinson 21 v Brian Thompson 9, Ian Atherton 21 v Andrew Hurst 15, Dave Walker 21 v John Mitchell 11, Clive Ball 10 v Mick Hewitson 21, Richard Goddard 15 John Slinger 21, Roger Crowther 10 v Kevin Boon 21, Derek Greenwood 21 v Ron Myerscough 7, Dave Parkin 21 v Dave Lunn 16. Dave Rolinson 20 v Ian Atherton 21, Dave Walker 21 v Mick Hewitson 14, John Slinger 13 v Kevin Boon 21, Derek Greenwood 11 v Dave Parkin 21. Winners of last 4 qualify

July 21, 2014
Strawberry Gardens Singles Comp
Sunday 20th July.

Barry Booth 15 v Paul Howarth 21, Tommy Kitchen 21 v Alec Taylor 12, Mick Brown 8 v John Foulds 21, Mick Holcroft 21 v Lee Casey 19, Joe Barlow 13 v Chris Macdonald 21, Bernie Reilly 13 v Neil Bennett 21, Tony Brogden 14 v Paul Charlesworth 21, John Mountford 19 v Joe Urmson 21. Paul Howarth 21 v Tommy Kitchen 14, John Foulds 17 v Mick Holcroft 21, Chris Macdonald 14 v Neil Bennett 21, Paul Charlesworth 21 v Joe Urmson 16. Winners of last 4 games qualifier.

July 21, 2014
Cleveleys Mens Tom Woods Mixed Doubles
Wednesday 23rd July .

P.Lee/G.Taylor, R.Cochrane/S.Germaine, V.MacDonald/E.Downham, J.Gloag/J.Chetwood, R & S Anderson,P.Dawson/C.Hall. C.Wall/J.Hambleton,B.Gloag/C.Lockwood, E.Pye/V.O,Donnell, J.McDermott/M.Purcell, E.Foey/D.Lunn,A & J Bannister, D.McDermott/J.Pepper, R & K Boon, B.Daniels/L.Bennett..

July 20, 2014
Gardeners Arms Finals Day Last 16
Gardeners Arms.

H.Hornby 21 M.Hewitson 15, M.Leach 21 J.Hartshorn 9, G.Ellis 21 J.Urmson 8, T.King 21 M.Knowles 17, P.Sutcliffe 21 D.Eccles 5, M.Holcroft 21 B.Robinson 17, G.Boulton 21 L.Carr 18, J.Ball 21 D.Yule 4....Q/F; H.Hornby 21 M.Leach 9, G.Ellis 21 T.King 14, M.Holcroft 21 P.Sutcliffe 16, J.Ball 21 G.Boulton 18..S/F..G.Ellis 21 H.Hornby 12, J.Ball 21 M.Holcroft 11....Final; Garry Ellis 21 James Ball 20......Thanks to everyone supeb day of bowling.

July 19, 2014
Strawberry Gardens Singles
Sunday 20th and Monday 21st July.

Sun; 5.30pm; B.Booth, P.Howarth, T.Kitchen, A.Taylor, M.Brown, J.Foulds, M.Holcroft, L.Casey...6.30pm; J.Barlow, C.MacDonald, B.Reilly, N.Bennett, T.Brogden, P.Charlesworth, J.Mountford, J.Urmson..Mon..5.30pm; D.Rolinson, B.Thompson, I.Atherton, A.Hurst, D.Walker, J.Mitchell, C.Ball, M.Hewitson..6.30pm; R.Goddard, J.Slinger, R.Crowther, K.Boon, D.Greenwood, R.Myerscough, D.Parkin, D.Lunn.

July 19, 2014
Strawberry Gardens Singles
Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd July.

Tues; 5.30pm; J.Brown, S.Billington, A.McDermott, S.Halliwell, J.Hartshorn, G.Riley, P.Hillam...6.30pm; M.Jackson, M.Emery, D.Yule, B.Holdsworth, C.Newton, D.Ford, M.Heap, S.Meyer....Wed; 5.30pm; M.Bennett, K.Herrington, D.Wise, B.Danford, T.Walker, K.Stevenson, D.Ferris, R.Stephenson..6.30pm; G.Herrington, D.Gwilliam, D.McDermott, J.Melvin, D.Spencer, J.Chetwood, J.Gardner, B.Gloag.........Final Night Thursday.

July 15, 2014
Tom Woods Mixed Doubles
Cleveleys Mens Club Saturday 19th July.

6.30pm; A & A Hawker, C & E Massey, J.Pepper/D.Gardner, A.Goldsborough/J.Bannister, G.Taylor/V.MacDonald, M.Thompson/B.Garnett....2 spaces.....7.30pm; J & K Bannister, A.McDermott/R.Gunnock, P.Lee/P, T.Bailey/p......4 spaces.........if anyone wants to take the spaces please ring Gerry Martin on 01253 868061

July 15, 2014
Tom Woods Mixed Doubles
Cleveleys Mens Club Sunday 20th July.

6.30pm; D.Nobblet/p, J.Humphries/P, J.Thorpe/J.Howarth, R.Cochrane/p, M & G Atkinson, J.Lee/L.Audley, K.Read/S.Walker, R.Manning/B.Daniels. 7.30pm; L.Pritchatt/M.Evans, P.Toon/L.Rigby, C.Hall/P.Dawson, S.Winterbottom/p, R & K Boon, M.Cochrane/p, L.Forshaw/D.Holt, H & D Forshaw.

July 15, 2014
Tom Woods Mixed Doubles
Cleveleys Mens Monday 21st July.

6.30pm; C.Bland/C.Flatley, J.Gloag/J.Chetwood, P.Hillom/p, V.Lyon/B.Booth, J.Hargreaves/p, C & S Newton...2 spaces available. 7.30pm; A.Cowley/A.Gaskell, J.Broadhurst./M.Brown, M.Holden/S.Smith, S.Speed/G.Barlow, J.Gardner/C.MacDonald, M & G Sutton, M.Briggs/p, M.Gardner/A.McCormick.

July 15, 2014
Tom Woods Mix Doubles
Cleveleys Mens Club; Tuesday 22nd July.

6.30pm; M.Warburton/S.Armer, B.Gloag/C.Lockwood, E.Pye/V.O,Donnell, R.Walters/P, A & D Farmer, C.Dawson/D.Darley, L & G Wood, K.Galvin/L.Johnstone. 7.30pm; J.McDermott/J.Winterbottom, S.Holmes/D.Lunn, P.Murphy/J.Richardson, S.Barber/D.Cowley. M.Be/J.Hall, S & J Carney, J & F Jolly, P.Roscoe/S.Woodward.

July 15, 2014

There are still 6 vacancies for Tuesday 19th August @ 10am anybody wishing to fill these places please contact Joe Barlow tel 07980253250 entry fee 12 win 3 games to qualify for finals day 18th September

July 13, 2014
Gardeners Arms Singles Finals Day
Sunday 20th July @ 11am.

Hugh Hornby v Mick Hewitson, Mike Leach v Jim Hartshorn, Joe Urmson v Gary Ellis, Mike Knowles v Tom King, Dennis Eccles v Paul Sutcliffe, Mike Holcroft v Barry Robinson, Geoff Boulton v Lyndon Carr, David Yule v James Ball.

July 02, 2014
Fylde League Cup Semi-Finals
Monday 14th July at 7pm.

Park Club Cleveleys A 154 -128 Marton Inst at South Shore...............Gardeners Arms 132-136 Raikes at Norbreck..............Final Park Club Cleveleys A v Raikes on Monday 28th July venue i think is Waterloo

June 26, 2014
Results for Wednesday 25th June Afternoon.

A. Byrnes 16 v A. Fidler..A. Ashton 19 v T. King 21..M. Hodson W/O..T. Gatley W/O..A. Sykes W/O..C. Wraight 21 v J. Barlow 6..D. Taylor 9 v J. Gatley 21..P. Heap W/O... Round 2..A. Fidler 20 v T. King 21..M. Hodson 21 v T. Gatley 13..A. Sykes 13 v C. Wraight 21..J. Gatley 16 v P. Heap 21...Round 3... T. King 21 v M. Hodson 14.. C. Wraight 21 v P. Heap 18.. Qualifiers... Tommy King and Callum Wraight

June 26, 2014
Results for Wednesday 25th June Morning.

K. Morris 21 v D. Halstead 15.. J. Jones 21 v I. Johnson 19..R. Foster 21 v N. Hopwood 17..I. Wagstaffe 16 v P. Bailey 21..J. Kenny 21 v K Hatzer 14.. A. Weekes 6 v P. Walley 21..B. Booth W/O..M. Byron W/O... Round 2...K. Morris 12 v J. Jones 21..R. Foster 21 v P. Bailey 19..J. Kenny 21 v P. Walley 17.. B. Booth 21 v M. Byron 18... Round 3...J. Jones 21 v R. Foster 10..J. Kenny 21 v B. Booth 6... Qualifiers... Jason Jones and Jim Kenny

June 25, 2014
Jubilee Bowling League
Rest in peace.

Albert Lawton - Vice Capt of Jubilee Gardens - Jubilee League, has recently passed away. He will be sadly missed by all his team mates at Jubilee Gardens and all our thoughts are with Sue and family.

June 24, 2014
Talbot Handicap Qualifiers.

Wednesday 25th June 10am start is the next qualifying round for Talbot Handicap and there is still a couple of spaces in morning session phone Joe Barlow on 07980253250 or take a chance and turn up in morning 12 entry fee. Spectators and markers welcome.

June 18, 2014
Results Wednesday 18th June Afternoon Session.

M. Holden 17 v P. Dudley 21.. M. Britton 21 v J. Metters 8.. C. Newton 13 v M. Prescott 21..T. Lowndes 11 v H. Hargreaves 21... Round 2..P. Dudley 21 v M. Britton 15.. M. Prescott 21 v H. Hargreaves 15..Round 3.. P. Dudley 21 v M. Prescott 18.. Qualifier P. Dudley

June 18, 2014
Results for Wednesday 18th June Morning Session.

A. France W/O..D. Hughes 17 v R. Goodhand 21..I Beecroft W/O.. T. Kitchen 10 v J. Melvin 21 T. Holness W/O.. N. Whittaker W/O.. T. Smith 13 v S. Tyler 21.. N. Simpson W/O... Round 2... A. France 11 v R. Goodhand 21..I. Beecroft 21 v J. Melvin 19..T. Holness 16 v N. Whittaker 21.. S. Tyler 10 v N. Simpson 21..Round 3... R. Goodhand 21 v I. Beecroft 14..N. Whittaker 15 v N. Simpson 21... Qualifiers R. Goodhand and N. Simpson

June 14, 2014
Results for Saturday 14th June Afternoon Session.

J McDermot 17 v S. Frewin 21.. A. Hughes 21 v E. Ferguson 18..P. Grimston W/O..R. Walters W/O..S. Trewartha W/O..J. Foulds 10 v D. McDermot 21..C. Redmond W/O..R. Smith 21 v F. Wilkimsom 16... Round 2...S. Frewin 21 v A. Hughes 20..P. Grimston 21 v R. Walters 18 S. Trewartha 19 v D. McDermot 21..C. Redmond 13 v R. Smith 21.. Round 3... S. Frewin 12 v P. Grimston 21.. D. McDermot 21 v R. Smith 12...Qualifiers.. P. Grimston and D. Mcdermot

June 14, 2014
Results for Saturday 14th June Morning Session.

B. Smith W/O..A. Hodgson W/O..B. Daniels W/O.. G. Meakin 21 v C. Chamberlain 14..P. Chamberlain W/O.. W. Ditchfield 19 v D. Petcher 21..A. Jeavons W/O...Round 2..B. Smith 21 v A. Hodgson 12..B. Daniels 15 v G. Meakin 21..P. Chamberlain W/O..D. Petcher 21 v A. Jeavons 12... Round 3... B. Smith 21 v G. Meakin 17..P. Chamberlain 13 v D. Petcher 21... Qualifiers B. Smith and D. Petcher

June 13, 2014
Results Friday 13th June Afternoon Session.

N. Bennett W/O..D. Baskerville 18 v J. Hibberson 21..M. Gilpin 9 v H. Hornby 21..D. Gwilliam W/O..P. Dawson 21 v P. Horton 16..S. Baskerville W/O..R. Hoyles 14 v G. Gwilliam 21..I. Nicholson W/O...Round 2..N. Bennett 18 v J. Hibberson 21..H. Hornby 21 v D. Gwilliam 17..P. Dawson 21 v S. Baskerville 12..G. Gwilliam 19.. v I Nicholson 21...Round 3..J. Hibberson 11 v H. Hornby 21..P. Dawson 21 v I Nicholson 20...Qualifiers.. H. Hornby..P. Dawson

June 13, 2014
Results Friday 13th June Morning Session.

H. Slack 17 v J. Jones 21..R. Moxham 21 v A. Heaps 15..A. Lancaster 16 v L. Casey 21..D. Yule W/O..M. Opie W/O..B. Burlinson 16 v G. Hunt 21..R. Goddard 21 v A Tate 15..D Missere 12 v C. Armitage 21...Round 2..J. Jones 21 v R. Moxham 18..L. Casey 21 v D. Yule 14..M. Opie 19 v G. Hunt 21..R. Goddard 17 v C. Armitage 21...Round 3.. J. Jones 21 v L. Casey 16..G. Hunt 17 v C. Armitage 21.....Qualifiers J. Jones...C. Armitage

June 13, 2014
Fleetwood & District Men's Bowling League
Newsham Cup Semi-Finals.

Belmont v St Teresa (2) at Park Club Cleveleys on Monday 23rd June 7pm Start...Jubilee Gardens A (4) v Fleetwood BC C at Park Club Cleveleys on Monday 7th July 7pm Start.

June 11, 2014

10am Start..D. Hibberson v B. Smith.. S. Davies v W/O..J.Towey v B. Daniels..W/O v C.Chamberlain..C. Kearns v T. Wood.. W/O v P. Chamberlain..W. Ditchfield v D Petcher..A. Jeavons v W/O... 1pm Start..A. McDermot v S. Frewin..A. Hughes v E. Ferguson..R. Sandham v P. Grimston..W/O v R. Walters..A. Dodd v S. Trewarthe..J. Foulds v D.McDermot..B. Phillips v C. Redmond.. B. Smith v W/O... There are 4 spaces for 10am and 2 spaces for 1pm anybody wishing to enter phone Joe Barlow 07980253250

June 11, 2014

10am Start..H. Flack v S. Anderson..R. Moxham v A. Heaps..A. Lancaster v L. Casey..D. Yule v J. Higgins.. M. Opie v J. Southern..B. Burlinson v G. Hunt..R Goddard v A. Tate..D. Missere v C. Armitage... 1pm Start..J. Jones v N. Bennett..M. McCann v J. Hibberson..M. Gilpin v H. Hornby..D. Gwilliam v R. Cochrane..P. Dawson v P. Horton..S. Baskerville v W/O..R. Hoyles v G. Gwilliam..I. Nicholson v W/O.. There is 2 spaces vacant anybody wishing to enter on this day phone Joe Barlow 07980253250

June 10, 2014
Gardeners Arms Doubles Finals Day
Saturday 14th June at 11am.

C Newton & A Brogden v B Casson & B Hodgson,J Barlow & M Byrom v W Gaskell & D Haworth S Harrison & J Urmson v J Mitchell & D Wright, P Lee & N Bennett v M Leach & J Grimston R Foster & J Woods v J Bottomley & J Bullen, T King & P Bailey v T Anderson & R Nightingale A & J Whalley v J & T Wood, T Kitchen & J Kenny v M Holcroft & P Haworth.

June 08, 2014
Results Saturday 7th June Afternoon Session.

D. Bretherton 12 v W. Hefferan 21..R. Turcsanyi 21 v M. Wensley 14..D. Fisher 21 v L. Bleakley 18..L. Dale 17 v J. Urmson 21.. M. Bretherton 14 v M. Audin 21..P. Lee 21 v I Fraser 7..B. Lee w/o..K. Cottrell 21 v D. Cowsill 19.. Round 2.. W. Hefferan 5 v R. Turcsanyi 21.. D. Fisher 21 v J. Urmson 13.. M. Audin 21 v P.Lee 12..B. Lee 14 v K. Cottrell 21..Round 3..R. Turcsanyi 17 v D. Fisher 21.. M. Audin 20 v K. Cottrell 21 Qualifiers D. Fisher, K Cottrell

June 08, 2014
Results Saturday 7th june morning session.

M. Sweeney w/o D. Jones 21 v L. Maynard 10..A. Tapper15 v G. Ellis 21.. C. Goodhand 13 v R. Crowther 21..M. O'Giliev 17 v J. Bailey 21..A Taylor 15 v D. Edmondson 21..L. Johnstone 14 v M. Hargreaves 21..A. Tattersley 21 v D. Foxton 18... Round 2 M. Sweeney 21 v D. Jones 16 ..G. Ellis 20 v R. Crowther 21..J. Bailey 10 v D. Edmondson 21..M. Hargreaves 11 v A. Tattersley 21.. Round 3 M. Sweeney 21 v R Crowther 18..D. Edmondson 13 v A. Tattersley 21.... Qualifiers M. Sweeney,A. Tattersley

June 07, 2014
Ladies Waterloo Friday 6th June
Qualifiers for Final Day on 14th September.

Caroline Hall (Cleveleys), Maggie Barnes (Coventry), Lynsey Gorman (Pensby), Kath Kelly (St Helens), Rachel Bennett (Walsall), Debbie Watters (Preston), Lynn Pritchatt (Chadsmoor), Louise Ollerton (St Helens)

June 03, 2014
Mens Talbot Competition Draw for Saturday 7th June
To be Played at Raikes at 10am and 1pm.

All Games 4 on the Card, 3 games to Qualify; 10am; P. Lee v M.Sweeney, D.Jones v L.Mynard, A.Tapper v G.Ellis, C.Goodhand v R.Crowther M.O,Giliev v J.Bailey, A.Taylor v D.Edmondson, L.Johnstone v M.Hargreaves, A.Tattersley v D.Foxton...1pm; D.Bretherton v B.Hefferan, R.Turcsanyi v M.Wensley, K.Wainwright v L.Bleakley, L.Dale v J.Urmson, M.Bretherton v M.Audin, B.Daniels v I.Fraser, C.Bebbington v B.Lee, K.Cotterill v D.Cowsill.

June 02, 2014
1275 Gardeners Arms Doubles
Sunday 8th June 2pm and 3pm.

2pm; A.Whalley/P, v R.Turscanyi/P, M.Holden/H.Hargreaves v M.Fleming/W.Finn, R.Hoyles/J.Hibberson v C.Newton/T.Brogden, J.Foulds/M.Dewhurst v P.Wellman/C.Evans. 3pm; B.Daniels/P v M.Heap/P, T.King/P v K.Cotterill/K.Bootman, J.Barlow/P v Mr/Mrs Dootson, C/T Anderson v B.Butler/P.

June 02, 2014
1275 Gardeners Arms Doubles
Sunday 8th June 10am/11am.

10am; K.Dixon/P v F.Anders/T.Houghton, I.White/S.Wales v N.Bennett/P.Lee, B.Jenkinson/S.Danson v J.Parsons/P, S.Harrison/J.Urmson v R.Smith/P. 11am; J.Fox/J.Livesey v C & S Betty, W.Gaskill/P v R.Whittle/P, J.Woods/p v Parker/C.Betty, E.Glen/D.Foxton v W.Livesey/p.

June 02, 2014
1275 Gardeners Arms Doubles
Sat 7th June 2pm and 3pm.

2pm; J.Anderson/R.Nightingale v M.Fieldhouse/B.Robinson, N.Hopwood/P v D.Cragg/P.Eccles, J.Mitchell/P v W.Harding/S.Taylor, P.Dawson/p v S.Worden/M.Nelson. 3pm; G.Meakin/P v D.Jenkinson/G.Little, J.Bottomley/J.Bullen, F & P Wilkinson, B & J Casson v J.Richardson/B.Tattersfield, C.Stokes/S.Jones v M.Hewitson/R.Ascroft.

June 02, 2014
1275 Gardeners Arms Doubles
Sat 7th June 10am and 11am.

10am; J.Grimston/M.Leach v G.Brayshaw/P, J.Bannister/P v J.Holcroft/P, P.Elliott/M.Brooks v L.Foden/G.Myerscough, T & J Wood v L.Casey/P.Horton. 11am; T.Jepson/P v T.Kitchen/J.Kenny, R.Cochrane/P.Wilson v T.Burrows/P, T.Holness/P v B.Yarwood/S.White, M.Holcroft/P v another.

May 30, 2014
Blackpool & Wyre Ladies Evening Bowling League

Please remember to enter the Brian Hilton doubles at the Raikes Hotel this weekend. Entries to Jackie Manson 212 West Park Drive, Blackpool FY3 9LW or Telephone 01253 699612.

May 30, 2014
Blackpool & Wyre Ladies Evening Bowling League
Wareing Cup results.

Quarter finalists; Pat Conchie, Julie Holcroft, Denise Baines, Joanne Haslam, Sharron King, Sue Done, Eileen Fullalove, Joan Chippendale. Semi finalists; Julie Holcroft V Denise Baines, Sharron King V Eileen Fullalove Winner; Sharron King 21 Julie Holcroft 19 Well done to all competitors, 34 entries. Many thanks to Belmont BC and Jackie Manson and Sylvia Clapham for the smooth running of the competition.

May 29, 2014
Welcome Bowling League - Over 50s
BOSTON Drop out of league.

ATTENTION 4th division BOSTON have had to drop out of league due to lack of players the games they have played all points will be taken away and the rest of their fixtures will be replaced with No Fixture

May 29, 2014
Fylde Veterans Men's Bowling League

Due to massive flood defence scheme starting on 27thMay 2014 there will be no parking on Anchorsholme Lane West. Parking on Huntingdon Rd, Cherrywood Ave and Queensbury Rd will be restricted to permit holders only. Visiting bowling teams can collect five permits from Anchorsholme Bowling Club valid only for the afternoon of the match, after which they must be destroyed. Any other followers must look for parking to the east of the tram tracks.

May 28, 2014
NL & Fylde Senior County merit at Fulwood Bowling Club Prest
Saturday 7th June.

11am; R.Foster v O.Jackson, H.Hornby v M.Gilpin, M.Hewitson v D.Kirby, S.Marshall v W.Ditchfield. 11.30; P.Wilson v S.Kenyon, D.Halstead v M.Fleming, A.Swindlehurst v S.Hargreaves, N.Dawson v S.Coupe. 12.00; T.Houghton v M.Bennett, M.Knowles v B.Daniels, D.Watters v B.Lynch, A.Woof v J.Fox, R. Whittle v B.Brown. 12.30; M.Coupe, M.Prescott v I.Penzer.

May 23, 2014
Longridge Cons Open Mixed (pt 2)
31st May 2014 Open Mixed Doubles.

12.00; M.Knowles/Partner v B.Horman/C.Crompton, T.Wareing/J.Unsworth v C.Johnstone/J.Hamfries, P.Barlow/A.Young v B & T Keenan, S.Worden/Partner v P.Iddon/Partner. 1pm; F & J Jolly v C.Hope/P.Mackreal, S.Wignall/K.Powrie v N & M Helm, D.Jebb/D.White v T & K Kelly, B.Gosling/J.Buxton v A.Cornthwaite/A.Gartside.

May 23, 2014
Longridge Cons Mixed Doubles (pt 1)
31st May 2014.......Mixed Doubles..

10.00am;P Dawson & C Hall v PJ Barton & P Degnen,H Pinder & J Moran v W & A Harrison, S Edwards & D Benn v D & J Navin,M Dransfield & C Fitch v H Woods & L Greenhalgh,11.00am R & L Taylor v C Dawson & Partner,B & M Buxton v A & K Whittingham,E Wallace & Partner v J Threllfall & A Fryer,V O'Donnell & E Pye v P Dyson & Partner,

May 19, 2014
Lytham St. Annes Senior Ladies
Florence Metcalf Doubles Trophy.

Congratulations to Doris Gertrey (Ashton Gardens) and Diana Thompson (Lytham BC) this years winners of the Florence Metcalf Trophy and also to Barbara Pickles (Lowther Gardens) and Gill Stamp (Lytham BC) the runners up.

May 18, 2014
NL & Fylde Ladies County Result
Sunday 18th May v Greater Manchester .

Result from the above match which was played on Sunday 18th May; NL & Fylde 441-399 Greater Manchester. Well Done the Ladies County Team great start to the campaign. Played 1 Won 1. More details on further matches shortly when we get them.

May 16, 2014
NL & Fylde v Greater Manchester
Ladies County Match Sunday 18th May at 2pm.

Home Leg to be played at Victoria BC Preston on the above date. Debbie Watters v Margaret Shaw, Catherine Lockwood v Jenny Ramsdale, Sandra Watkins v Doreen Smith, Linda Collins v Maureen Perkins, Linda Traynor v Sue Swindells, Kath Watkinson v Ann Crank, Sylvia Bentham v Janet Walker, Joan France v Eileen Glover, Pat Tootell v Pat Roscoe, Barbara Danson v Alison Young, Margaret Warburton v Moreen Price, Joan Jolly v Louise Ollerton......All Welcome

May 16, 2014
Waterloo WK/End 17th and 18th May
Ladies and Mens Doubles.

Saturday see,s Ladies Doubles we have spaces available if anyone is interested, Sunday see,s Men,s Doubles if anyone is interested. If So Please Phone Mark Audin Bowls Manager on 07986799299 or Peter Jose on 07596230870.

May 11, 2014
Fylde Veterans Men's Bowling League
Vets North 2nd Round Draw to be played by 15th June..

Carleton 168-100 Jubilee Gardens (4), Anchorsholme v Bispham BC (2), Strawberry 155-105 Cleveleys Mens, Fleetwood BC 124-152 Hambleton, Ashdell A v Gardeners Arms (2), Norbreck v Park Club Cleveleys A (2), Memorial Park A v Belmont A (2), Jubilee Gardens A (3) w/o v Thornton NPL.

May 03, 2014
Waterloo News
Waterloo News Spring Finals Day 25th May from 10am.

Sunday 25th May commencing at 10am is the Spring Waterloo Finals Day with 64 Bowlers taking part for the top Prize and a place in the Champion of Champions in September. To Watch it just costs a bargin 5 to get in, why not pop down have a look and enjoy your time with us, the Pub is open with fantasic Food/Beer and all the Sports on the Tv,s. Everyone will be most welcome, further details from Mark Audin Bowls Manager on 07986799299 or Peter Jose on 07596230870

April 30, 2014
Fylde Update News
Fylde Update News.

NL & Fylde play Potteries at Leyland and Farrington Cons Club Leyland on Sunday 4th May commencing at 2pm..... On Saturday 17th May at Waterloo we have a 1 Day Ladies Doubles Comp if anyone is interested please ring Mark Audin on 01253 406724 or 07986799299.....NL & Fylde Merit Men,s takes place on Sunday 18th May at St Michaels BC, Further details from Hugh Hornby on 07917311799.........Please try and support these Events.

April 27, 2014
Cleveleys Mens Ladies Open Singles
Sunday 4th May commencing at 10am..

10.00 Start. C Hall v M Docherty,J Jones v Bye,Bye v E.Ashworth,V.Cooke v A Cornthwaite,10.45.M.Cook v J. Navin,J.Sharman v B.Wallace,S.Greenwood v A.Goldsborough, Bye v R.Harvey,11.30;Bye v D.Hunt. G.Cooper v G.Taylor, D.Dunkerley v L.Wood, D.Benn v J.Kay, 12.30; D.Porter v Bye, A.Duckett v R.Mizon, J.Sharratt v P.Murphy, P.Buckley v V.England.....Entries for Vacant places will be taken on the Day.

April 23, 2014
Fylde Federation Association
Fylde v Rochdale A to be played at Raikes on 27th April 2pm.

T.Wood v T.Holt, M.Fleming v A.Harrison, N.Bennett v P.Fielding, L.Casey v B.Stapleton, A.Hughes v A.Crossley, N.Hopwood v A.Fergus, R.Turscanyi v N.Slater, J.Bottomley v D.Jackson, D.Halstead v D.Holt, P.Lee v P.Quinn, B.Clarke v A.Lowe, C.Anderson v S.Leach. Please try and support your Fylde Association.

April 21, 2014
Blackpool & Wyre Ladies Evening Bowling League
Brian Hilton Doubles Competition June 8th 2014.

This competition will now take place at the Raikes Hall Hotel, limited to 32 pairs. Please enter as soon as possible. Refreshments will be available. Entries as usual to the Competitions Secretary Jackie Manson.

April 16, 2014
Men,s Talbot at Raikes
Men,s Talbot at Raikes.

We have Vacancies in the Men,s Talbot at Raikes on the following Dates, if interested ring Joe Barlow,07980253250,...Sessions are 10am and 1pm Dates are; Sat 7th June, Friday 13th, Sat 14th, Wed 18th, Wed 25th June also Wed 6th and Wed 13th August............Finals Day is Thursday 18th September.

April 06, 2014
Waterloo Mixed Doubles Finals Day
Saturday 3rd May commencing at 11am .

K.Morgan/G.Garnett v F & J Jolly, S.Brown/L.Hall v M.Holden/L.Ollerton, P & H Clee v C.Dawson/D.Darley, K.Truby/S.Turner v L.Beck/S.Worden, P.Wilson/L.Rimmer v A & A Gaut, K.Coulthard/D.Barwise v C.Hall/P.Dawson, D.McDermott/M.Herbert v S & J Foster, N.Hughes/J.Bowler v GI & C Wilson.

April 01, 2014
Jubilee Bowling League
League Handbooks.

The league handbooks are being delivered on friday night. The league books will be available next week. All Captains will be contacted regarding delivery.

April 01, 2014
Blackpool & Wyre Ladies Evening Bowling League
Name and green change.

As of now, Stanley Park Ladies are now to be known as Raikes Ladies and will be playing at the Raikes Hotel , Liverpool Road, Blackpool. They will be playing on Thursday night. All Captains have been informed of the move, but if there are any questions, please telephone Sheila Lee on 402547. Amended fixtures will be on the website asap.

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