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June 21, 2017
Fylde A Federation Team vs Colne Valley
Sunday 25th June Fleetwood Cricket Club 2pm Start

Home Team at Fleetwood CC:

Mel Byron, Mike Jackson, Stan Billington, John Bottomly, Clive Brooks, Robert Anderson, Nick Hopwood, Joe Carr, Dave Parkinson, Steve Harrison, Paul Haworth, Colin Coxall

Away Team at Slaithwaite BC:

Mike Fleming, Joe Hibberson, John Ronson, Dave Welsby, Dave Jenkinson, Craig Smith, Phil Brick, Simon Thistlewaite, Jon Greenhalgh, Hugh Hornby, Andy Fleming, Eamon Hernen

June 21, 2017
Fylde B Federation Team vs Southport
Sunday 25th June at Hambleton BC 2pm Start

Home Team at Hambleton BC:

Gary Sanderson, Stephen Dagger, Gary Creer, Margret Warburton, Mike Kershaw, Ken Barks, Stephen Creer, Grant Eccersley, Pat Conchie, Paul Taylor, Mark Audin, Colin Newton

Away Team at Hesketh Arms:

Paul Dawson, Alan Foulds, John Foulds, Mike Dewhurst, Jim Sealey, Jack, Livesey, Tom Kitchen, Andy Cummings, Bill Livesey, Mel Clarkson, Stuart Marshall, jim Kenny

June 18, 2017
Preston and District Ladies Night League
Best Winners Wk.11

21-1: O.Wilson (Eagle & Child); 21-2: Janet Grey (Victoria A); 21-3: Ruth Watson (Leyland SA), S.Goldthorpe (Eagle & Child), E.Johnston (Longton A), Enid Duxbury (Victoria B).

June 17, 2017
David and Sandra Cookson Mixed Doubles
Sunday 25th June at South Shore BC FY4 2JJ (PT1 )

10am; A Bassett& R Atherton v G Foster,P McVittie & J Bird v. D Grimshaw,K Lawton& N Cookson. v. S Hargreaves & Partner,G Warrington. & Partner. v M Gardner & J Fraser10,45am; V O'Donnell & Partner. v C Dawson & D Darley,D Heyes & Partner. v P & C Denny,M Brooks & P Duxbury. v P Marsh & B Warburton,G Cooper & Partner. v Mr & Mrs Helm

June 17, 2017
David and Sandra Mixed Doubles
Sunday 25th June at South Shore BC........(PT 2 )

11,30am J & I Sharp. v. J Jones & Partner,B Smith & Partner. v R Williamson & S Brooks,N Snodgrass & Partner. v E Appleby & Partner, P Wilson & S Barnett. v D Clayton & S Lee12,15pm; R Belshaw & Partner. v. S Speed & F Anderton,B Passmore & J Cartwright. v D Ashworth,C & T Martin. v A Cornthwaite & A Gartside,P Elliott & S Isherwood. v L & M Healey

June 17, 2017
NL & Fylde Ladies County
Sunday 18th June (Home at Tarleton BC ) 2pm Start)

Home Team at Tarleton;- Deborah Watters, Kath Watkinson, Michelle Anderton, Katie Wilson, Linda Collins, Clair Russell Sylvia Bentham, Andrea Holt, Barbara Danson, Carol Dawson, Lilian Beck, Margaret WarburtonAway Team at Greater Manchester:- Alison Brown, Pat Conchie, Liz Bennett, Sylvia Kayley, Wendy Walton, Julie HolcroftSue Kayley, Sharon Barnett, Wendy Harris, Joan France, Marjorie Dransfield, Catherine Lockwood

June 17, 2017
Gardeners Arms Ladies Singles
Sunday 27th August

£160 Winner,€6 entry fee, Entries to David Yule Tel No 07813 371153

June 14, 2017
Fylde Amateur Bowling Association
Quarter Final Cup draw now available.

Cup draw now online. See section under Cup draw.

June 07, 2017
£4000 Talbot Trophy @ Raikes
Dates still available

Talbot Trophy still vacancies available these are the dates left to fill. July 14th,24th,26th,31st. August 2nd,3rd,4th,8th,9th,10th and 18th 70 vacancies over these dates To enter TEXT your name and prefered date to Joe Barlow 07444413178

June 06, 2017
Gardeners Arms Doubles Finals Day
Sunday 11th June commencing at 11am

M Fieldhouse & R Parkinson v P McVittie & C Martin, J Barlow & M Byron v M Leach & R Cochrane,W Harding & S Taylor v B Yarwood & P Millington,S Billington & S Dagger v W Speed & C Cooke,R Newton & C Lord v R Anderson & J Carr,P Conchie & J Yarwood v M Fleming & W Finn,T King & S Edmundson v B & T Williams,H Hornby & P Howarth v J Woods & P Gough

June 02, 2017
Gardeners Arms Doubles
Saturday 3rd June 10am/11am

Sat 3 June 10am W Speed & R Cooke v AN Other ,F Jolly & S Worden v D Roach & D Humphries ,E Glen & D Foxton v J Seeley & K Barks , H Hornby & Partner v AN Other.11am D Heyes & R Smith's v J Garratt Snr & Jnr,T Kitchen & J Kenny v M Fleming & Partner,M Coupe & A Fleming v E Hernan & O Halstead,M French & G Stones v J Barlow & M Byron

June 02, 2017
Gardeners Arms Doubles
Saturday 3rd June 2pm/3pm

2pm P Lindsay & Partner v AN Other, B Harwood & Partner v J Coupe & S Worden, C Jolly & Partner v M Fieldhouse & B Robinson,C & S Betty v D Porter & R Burrows3pm P Leah & D Hibbert v AN Other, J Brewster & M Briggs v T King & Partner,R Anderson's & J Carr v AN Other,J Hibberson & R Hoyles v AN Other

June 02, 2017
Gardeners Arms Doubles
Sunday 4th June 10am/11am

10 am M Dewhurst & N Bennett v AN Other,M Leach & Partner v D Anderson's & T Houghton,M Jackson' Snr & Jnr v J Bottomley & S White ,P McVittie& Partner v F Daw & Partner11am M Matheson & I Rawlinson v J Woods & Partner,W Heffernan & P Blakeley v AN Other,L Morrell & P Holgate v J Cotterill,S Billington & Partner v G Daw & Partner

June 02, 2017
Gardeners Arms Doubles
Sunday 4th June 2pm/3pm

2pm J Iddon & Partner v P Townsend & D Potts,N Hopwood & Partner v AN Other,W Harding & S Taylor v P Taylor & G Sanderson,D Charles worth & Partner vS Harrison & J Urmson3pm J Lloyd & Partner v R Newton & C Lord,S Rigby & K Hughes v P Blyth & F Wilkinson,M Hewitson & R Ashcroft v I White & S Wales,D Yule & A Hodson v B & T Williams

June 01, 2017
NL & Fylde Mens County
Fylde North Teams Outstanding Payments.


June 01, 2017
South Shore BC
Mixed Doubles

There are 2 places available on June Sunday 25th for mixed doubles at South Shore Bowling Club, £10 pair .Ring Phil Elliott 07804 499713.

May 31, 2017
Entries being taken for this event

The Ladies Talbot Trophy, Raikes Hotel, Blackpool. Please contact: Jacqui Manson 43 Mill Lane Staining Blackpool FY3 0BH Tel: 01253 899089 Mob: 07759 703613 Cheques payable to Raikes Hall Bowling Club £10 entry fee Qualifying dates August 12th and August 19th 2 sessions per day 10am and 1pm Final Day, Saturday 16th September 2017

May 31, 2017

TALBOT TROPHY 2017 PLAYED AT RAIKES BCEntries are now being taken for this competition all 10am start July....7th, 14th, 24th,25th,26th, 31stAugust....1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 18th, Please text entries to Joe Barlow 07444413178 £12 entryFinal Day 21st September

May 24, 2017
NL & Fylde County Mens Merit
Saturday 27th May at Knott End WM Club....11am Start

11am;D Halstead v M Byron, G Little v M Opie, W Ditchfield v B Brown, M Leach v S Mort. 11.45am; T Wood v O Jackson, S Atkinson v T Walsh, I Nicholson v S Coupe, L Heaton v D Lofthouse, B Lynch v D Jones winner v 12.30; D Watters, J Hodson (snr) v M Hewitson, B Simm v D Hoyle, S Clamp v L Longland ............All Games 21 up off Scratch.........All Welcome

May 20, 2017
Alan Mills
Alan Mills ....Cleveleys Mens Club

It is with deep regret we have to announce the Death of Alan Mills from Cleveleys Mens Club, Alan was a great double act with the late Bob Higham, Alan,s funeral will take place on Wednesday 31st May at 2.45pm at Carleton Crem then back at Cleveleys Mens Club......Thank You..........

May 19, 2017
Thornton Cleveleys Men's Bowling League
Blackpool Subs 'A' - Div 3 Withdrawn from league

With Immediate effect, Blackpool Subs 'A' - Div 3 have withdrawn form the league.
All fixtures involving this team have been replaced with byes.

May 18, 2017
Fylde Ladies Amateur Bowling League
Festival Sunday

Warrenhurst Park Fleetwood. Sunday 23rd July 2017. 10.00am start, £8.00 per pair(2 Ladies or mixed). Entries to Lynn Farmer tel. 01253 873320. Greens now much improved.

May 16, 2017
NL & Fylde Ladies County Association
NL & Fylde v South Yorkshire 21st May 2pm Start

Home Team at Kirkham Conservative Club; P Conchie, D Watters, L Traynor, K Wilson, L Bennett, M Dransfield, L Forshaw, A Holt, S Varley, C Dawson, L Beck, M Warburton........Away Team; A Lea, A Brown, W Harris, K Watkinson, W Walton, S Bentham, J France, P Tootell, K Garnett, B Danson, J Jolly, C Lockwood..............

May 13, 2017
Fylde Federation
Fylde 1st Team v Wallasey (Home Team at Marton Inst 21st May 2pm Start

M Byron, D Watters, P Wilson, J Hibberson, M Jackson, M Fleming, J Wood, C Coxall, D. Parkinson, S Harrison, P Howarth, T Wood, Res; A Fleming, N Hopwood, E Hernen....Fylde Away Team; J Carr, S Thistlewaite, R Anderson, J Bottomley, D McVittie, A Midwood, B Clarke, J Greenhalgh, H Hornby, D Welsby, C Brook, C Smith.............All Welcome Free Admission.

May 01, 2017
NL & Fylde Mens County Merit
Sat 6th and Sat 20th May

Qualifying Dates for the Merit on 6th May at Scorton contact Tim Houghton 07890416631 and for the 20th May at Great Eccleston contact Hugh Hornby 07917311799 for all the other qualifiers contact Tony Bamber on 07831543760...........Final Day at Knott End WM Club on Saturday 27th May.......Thank You......

May 01, 2017
Morecambe Bowling League

When visiting Slyne B.C. do not park on the Memorial Hall car park.

April 28, 2017
Welcome Bowling League
Players wanted

RIBBY BC who play their games at Kirkham BC are looking for bowlers to join their club and play in the leagues for them anybody interested telephone Dave Roach 07712185205

April 26, 2017
Blackpool & Wyre Ladies Evening Bowling League
Blackpool Subs A Team

Blackpool Subs A Team (ex Staining Village) have had to withdraw from the League due to lack of players. Can you please note in your fixture book that this is now replaced with a Bye.

April 24, 2017
Cleveleys Mens Club
Ladies Doubles Sunday 7th May commencing at 10am.

Entry Fee £6 per pair......All Entries to Alan Rigg on 01253 857802 or Mobile 07925528452 or Peter Jose 07596230870. Places Available all Welcome .........Refreshments/Bar available on the Day...........Times will be posted on here once Draw done...........

April 24, 2017
Morecambe Bowling League
Warton and District B.C.

Would all visiting teams playing at Warton B.C. please refrain from parking along the bungalow side of Chapel Walk. This is a private road and local nieghbours have complained to the bowling club about parking.

April 22, 2017
Fylde Federation 1st Team
1st Team v Nuneaton at South Shore BC 23rd April 2pm

Paul Wilson, Dave Watters, Eamon Hernen, Mel Byron, Jack Wood, Mike Fleming, Andy Fleming, Simon Thistlewaite, Colin Coxall, Dave Parkinson, Steve Harrison, Terry Wood...........Please try and get along and support both the Federation and South Shore bc........Thank You.

April 22, 2017
Fleetwood Bowls Festival
Roll up for Fleetwood Bowls Festival

Entries are steadily rolling in for the £5,230 Fleetwood Bowls Festival which is being held on the week of 24-28 July. Both the Men’s and Ladies’ Main Singles competitions qualification will be played on the opening day-Monday. Bowlers can choose their start time of 9.45 am or 1.30 pm. Entry fee for men is £10 and ladies £8. The last 32 in each competition are in the money and will play off on Thursday (Men at 9.45 am and Ladies at 1.30 pm). Finals day is Friday. Both the Ladies and Men’s Singles winners will qualify for the Champion of Champions at The Waterloo in September. See www.fleetwoodbowlsfestival.co.uk for further information.

April 17, 2017
Morecambe Bowling League
2nd round of cup matches

All second rounds of Millenium and Heald Trophies will take place w/c Monday 8 May.Second round draw now online.

April 14, 2017
Easter Pairs @ Raikes
Fridays Qulifiers

EASTER PAIRS Fridays Qualifiers are: M. Coupe/P. Hawkes...J. Garrett/J Garrett..M. Brookes/K. Lawton..P. Leah/D. Hibbert..M. Holden/H. Hargreaves..G. Meakin/B. Whyatt..I. Fraser/J. Wilkinson..L. Casey/P. Horton

April 13, 2017
£1000 Easter Doubles at Raikes 2017
Spaces Available

There are still 4 spaces for this competition Saturday 15th April 10am 3 spaces available.. Saturday 15th April 1pm 1 space available.. Tel Joe Barlow 07444413178 £12 entry fee Final Day Sunday 16th April 10am This competition is open to males and females

April 08, 2017
Anchorsholme Bowling Club
Parking at Anchorsholme Park

Due to the ongoing work at Anchorsholme Park there is limited parking on Anchorsholme Lane West. Five Visitors parking permits will be available from the club house for each match.........Thank You

April 08, 2017
Free Score Cards
Richard Ellis - 07951 836848: Email Mfcre@yahoo.co.uk

There are 70 boxed packs of 750 double sided bowls cards which are being given away to local bowling clubs for the forthcoming season.
In each pack is also two free £20 Home & Gift at Trebaron Garden Centre gift vouchers for the clubs to use as prizes for their own fundraising through raffles etc
I'd kindly ask that the clubs can call or email me to reserve a free pack and collect from, Home & Gift at:

Trebaron Garden Centre, 350 Common Edge Road, Blackpool, Lancs. FY45 DY

April 04, 2017
Cleveleys Mens Club
Cleveleys Mens Club Parking at Club.


March 28, 2017
Fleetwood & District Men's Bowling League
Changes from web site handbook etc.

Start times Div 3 Mon April 3rd & Thur April 6th 6.30 handbook wrong.Week 10 Div 3 page 49 should show Gardeners Arms B V Fleetwood Bowls E hand book wrong.The web site will soon be amended to correct any mistakes

March 28, 2017
Cleveleys Mens
Cleveleys Mens Ladies Evening League and Mens League,s

Tuesday Evening Ladies 1st Team are on the look out for new Players, Anyone wanting to play in the team Please contact Sue Anderson on 854775 or 07749548311...............Any Men wishing to join the Bowling Teams please contact Peter Jose 07596230870. .......All will be made very welcome under the New Bowling Management..............Thank You

March 27, 2017
Essille Sports
Pontins Comp

From Monday 27th March to Thursday 30th March, Pontins comp on Local Greens if you fancy watching any Bowling, I believe the greens using are Cleveleys Mens, Park Club, Carleton, Gardeners Arms and Jubilee Gardens......Bowling from 10am each Day with the Finals Day at Waterloo on Thursday 30th March......Peter Hawkes will be at Cleveleys Mens Monday and Tuesday with his Bowls Shop also Finals Day Waterloo Shop will be Open.......All Welcome to pop along to any of these greens......Thank You.....

March 27, 2017
Easter Pairs at Raikes

Friday 14th....Full..............Sat 15th April......10am....5 spaces......1pm...2 spaces.......Ring Joe Barlow 07444413178

March 21, 2017
Longridge & District Mixed Bowling League
Alan Whitworth

It is very sad news to report that Alan died peacefully at home this morning. The League Committee passes on their condolences to Jean and family. Alan was the League's Chairman for over 20 years and was much respected by the bowling community.

March 20, 2017
NL & Fylde Mens County
NL & Fylde Mens County Merit

NL Senior County Merit final day to be held at Knott End WMC on 27/05/2017 at 11am.Entry £10 - no homesters - open draw, no players to be kept apart - final day dress code.More information from Tony Bamber 01772 203632.Local Qualifiers:Quernmore 20/05/2017 at 10am (contact John McGonnell 07929013046)Scorton 06/05/2017 at 2pm (contact Tim Houghton 07890416631)Fylde dates TBC (contact Hugh Hornby 01995 679635)Preston dates TBC (contact Tony Bamber 01772 203632)

March 16, 2017
Fleetwood & District Men's Bowling League
Withdrawal from League

Unfortunately Layton Amateurs have withdrawn from the Fleetwood League. All fixtures will be replaced with a bye

March 12, 2017
Easter Pairs
Easter Pairs at Raikes

14th April.....10am.....1 space......1pm.....3 spaces............15th April.......10am....5 spaces.....1pm....2 Spaces...........Ring Joe Barlow 07444413178.........

March 12, 2017
Morecambe Bowling League
Bowling Green BC

Please note that ALL Bowling Green teams will now play their home games at Highfield Recreation Park, Derwent Rd, Lancaster. ( Parkside ).

March 08, 2017
Collection of Handbooks

The Following League,s will be giving Handbooks out; Fylde Vets, Fylde Amateur, Thornton Cleveleys, Fleetwood League on Monday 20th March between 7.15pm and 8pm at Park Club Cleveleys...........Please bring Registrations and League Fees with you...Any Problems for Fylde League, Vets League and TCBL you can get in touch with Peter Jose on 07596230870.............Thank You............

March 07, 2017
Lytham St. Annes Ladies League (Tuesday)
Freckleton Ladies

Freckleton Ladies are looking for players for their Lytham St Annes Tuesday night team, novice or experienced. If interested please contact Joyce Leigh on 01772 634951.

March 02, 2017
Goose Green Bowling Club
Green Open

Message from Pat Conchie; Goose Green will be open as usual for the 2017 Bowling Season.....Thank You.............

February 24, 2017
Blackpool & Wyre Ladies Evening Bowling League
Blackpool Subs A

Blackpool Subs A (ex Staining Village) are looking for players to join their team for the coming season. Please contact Jean Hall on 01253 423763

February 14, 2017
Fylde Amateur Bowling Association
Revision to fixtures - Following restructure

Please note: Highfield Park A have withdrawn from Division 3.
In order to maintain an even number of teams in each division, East End have been relegated to Div 3. This as resulted in Div 1 (12 Teams), Divisions 2-5 (11 teams).
Subsequently there is now a revised fixture list.

February 11, 2017
Updated Registrations League News
Thornton Cleveleys....Fylde Amateur....Vets...... League,s

I would like all clubs to have a look at there Registrations and if you have anyone not a member, Deceased, New Member or would like to send a list of players.... to help Lee Kitchen please email as well to peter.jose@hotmail.co.uk Please take a look at Contacts, Captains as well .................Thank You...............

February 07, 2017
Waterloo News
Bowls Fair 9th February 11am to 4pm

There will be a Bowls Fair in the Waterloo Pub on Thursday 9th February from 11am to 4pm ......All Welcome and Free Admission.........Refreshments will be available............Thank You

February 02, 2017
Fylde Ladies Amateur Bowling League

The competition this year is being held at the Raikes Hotel Bowling Club.The qualifying dates are Saturday 12th August and Saturday 19th August. There are two sessions per day at 10.30am and 1.00pm with the final being Saturday 16th September.There is a toal of £1000 prize money. The cost of entry is £10 per person. Refreshments available.All enquiries to Mrs Jacqui Manson, 43, Mill Lane, Staining.FY3 0BH. Tel 01253899089. Cheques made payable to Raikes Hall Bowling Club.

January 31, 2017
Waterloo Update
Marking Games in Competitions

WATERLOO UPDATE; If anyone is interested in marking at the competitions at the Waterloo, Please can you let either Mark Audin, Peter Jose, Ian Bass, Mark Mils, Sharon or Tim Barnett know, due to ill health we will be short this coming season and would appreciate if anyone can give a bit of time, you don,t have to do all the comps. ....Thank You...

January 22, 2017
Thornton Cleveleys Men's Bowling League
A.G.M and prize presentation evening

The league will be holding its A.G.M. and prize presentation evening on Mon 6th February 2017, 7.30pm.
Note: New Venue:
Norbreck Bowling and Tennis Club, Clovelly Avenue, Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire, FY5 1RZ.Full details will be emailed to club secreatries / captains.

January 22, 2017
Fylde Amateur Bowling Association
Annual General Meeting & Prize Presentation.

The league will be holding its A.G.M. and prize presentation evening on Wed 8th February 2017, 7.30pm.
Note: New Venue:
Norbreck Bowling and Tennis Club, Clovelly Avenue, Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire, FY5 1RZ.Full details will be emailed to club secreatries / captains.

January 21, 2017
Sunday 29th January 2017

The above will take place at Canberra Club Salmesbury at 11am........For Fylde your Reps are Hugh Hornby, Mark Audin and Peter Jose if you require anything please contact them.......it is important if club or League Reps can attend. Please remember this is your County and if you don,t attend you can,t have your say............Thank You............

January 18, 2017
Norman Fletcher Funeral
Friday 27th January

For People wanting to go to Norman,s Funeral if enough interest there will be a coach put on for people to travel. If you wish to go on the Coach Please ring Brian Butler 07860431099.......Thank You........

January 17, 2017
Norman Fletcher Funeral Details

A Message from Mel Norman Fletcher Daughter In Law; Could you kindly post on behalf of Kathleen, Simon, Nick, Tim and all the family a message of thanks for all the wonderful messages of sympathy and lovely memories posted by your members. For anyone wishing to attend Normans funeral it will be held next Friday 27th January at 12 noon. It will be held at twelve Apostles RC church, Nel pan lane, Leigh

January 13, 2017
Norman Fletcher

Very sad to announce Norman Fletcher passed away last night,a good friend,one of the game`s Best ever player`s,a like we wont see again,Thought`s are with Kath and the boys.For those that didn,t know Norman was a top Player in Crown Green Bowls he was Doubles Partner with Brian Duncan and also a great Singles Player, when he was on the Fylde he played at Layton Inst ....RIP Norman

January 09, 2017
Thornton Cleveleys Bowling League
Doubles Comp Sponsored by Co op Funeral Care ...Saturday 22nd April 2017

Entry Fee £10.00 Entries to Dave Jolly League President on 07519529319........Open to all Registered Players........Limited to 32 Pairs...........To be played at Blackpool Subs.....Refreshments/Bar all day...........

January 05, 2017
Handbook Details 2017 Season
Teams Dropping out of Different League,s for 2017 Season

To enable League Secretaries to sort the Different League,s for the 2017 Season, if any teams are dropping out of any League,s please inform the relevant League Secretaries by 31st January, this will enable the Fixtures Secretary to make amends and it will help each League to have full fixtures instead of a No Fixture showing in the Fixtures. It would be very much appreciated by all League Secretaries........Thank You..........

December 27, 2016
Frank Worthington
Frank Worthington.....(Carleton BC)

It is with deep regret that i have to announce the passing of Frank Worthington the Spring Waterloo Winner on his Birthday in 1984. Frank was Known thoughout the Bowling on the Fylde Coast and was a valued Committee Member of the Fylde League during his Bowling Time and also a great Member of Carleton Bowling Club. Our Thoughts go out to his Family. Funeral Details as follows; Monday 9th January at 10.30am at Carleton Crem........Those that are travelling postcode for it is FY6 7Q

December 21, 2016
Welcome Bowling League - Over 50s
Ribby Hall BC

From the start of 2017 season Ribby Hall BC will be known as Ribby BC and will be playing their games at Kirkham Bowling Club

December 20, 2016
Jubilee Bowling League
AGM and Presentation Night

Jubilee League AGM and Presentation night; January 30th, 7.15pm at Marton Institute. Doors open at 7pm. All teams to be represented.

November 06, 2016
Over Wyre Bowling League
2017 AGM

The 2017 AGM will be held Tuesday 17th January 7.30pm at the Golden Ball

October 22, 2016
£1000 Easter doubles @ Raikes BC
Entries for Raikes Easter Doubles

£1000 Easter Doubles 2017Entries are now being taken for this event. The dates are Friday 14th April, 10am and 1pmSaturday 15th April, 10am and 1pmFinal Day Sunday 16th April 10am.Entries to Joe Barlow tel 07444413178Entry Fee £12 Open to all Bowlers Male or Female

October 15, 2016
Mrs Jennie Bowler
In Deepest Symphathy

I am saddened to pass on this news to all Bowlers and people who Knew Mrs Jennie Bowler a past League/Result Secretary of Blackpool & Wyre Ladies Evening. She passed away in her Sleep Friday am. I am sure she will be sadly missed by all. Funeral at Carleton Crem Tuesday 25th October at 11am

October 06, 2016
Blackpool & Wyre Ladies Evening Bowling League
Presentation night 2016 / 2017 season / AGM

Presentation night this year is on Thursday 3rd November, hot pot supper as voted at the Captain's meeting, priced at £6. Sheila Lee needs to know final numbers asap, any latecomers please contact Sheila urgently on 01253 402547. Any teams with changes of venue or names or if any teams are not playing next season or wanting to join next season please let Sue Done know asap on 01253 825838. AGM Monday 5th December, at Norbreck BC 7.15pm. From the Committee.

September 21, 2016
Co op Funeralcare Waterloo Handicap
Wednesday 21st September 10am Start

Quarter-Final; Greame Wilson 20-21 Terry Glover, Tim Houghton 21-14 James Grimston, Steve Ellis 16-21 John Bailey, Glynn Cookson 21-20 Callum Wraight. Ladies Waterloo Final between Linda Williams 21-19 Kaye Coulthard. S/F; Terry Glover 16-21 Tim Houghton...John Bailey 21-19 Glynn Cookson....FINAL; Tim Houghton (Garstang) 21 John Bailey (Wales) 19

September 20, 2016
Floodlight Open Doubles at Stalmine Bowling Club (FY6 OLD).
First Prize £350, Runner Up £175, Semi's £70, Quarters £40 and Last 16 £20 (Subject to Entries)

Places still available. Qualifying nights 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd September. Start times of either 6.30pm and 7.30pm. Finals on Sunday 25th September at 10.30am. Entry Fee £12 per pair. Please contact Alex Gardner on 01253 700327 or aag450@hotmail.com.

September 20, 2016
Co op Funeralcare Waterloo Handicap
Monday 20th September Mens Last 16 ....10am Start

Greame Wilson v Stuart Mort, Terry Glover v Simon Coupe, Tommy Johnstone v Tim Houghton, James Grimston v Jamie Bramley, Dave Baskeville v Steve Ellis, Mark Hughes v John Bailey, Glen McGafferty v Glyn Cookson, Lee Heaton v Callum Wraight...........If you are unable to attend please tune into ITV 4 LIVE FROM 10am to 5.30pm.............

September 19, 2016
Marton Institiute £1000 Crown Green Bowls Challenge 2016
Friday 23rd September 7pm - draw done on the night

All games 31 up. The 4 challengers are as follows;GREG SMITH / GRAEME WILSON / GARY ELLIS / CALLUM WRAIGHTEach player has paid £250 with the winner taking £1000.£50 sponsorship from DW Electrical for the highest break in the first round only.Bookmaker present - £1 on the gate.

September 18, 2016
Co op Funeralcare Waterloo Handicap
Monday 19th September 10am Start

N Burrows v G I Wilson, P Dudley v S Mort, R Clark v T Glover, D Allsop v S Coupe, T King v T Johnstone, R Meese v T Houghton, J Grimston v S Harrison, M Gillies v J Bramley......1.30pm Start; J Jones v D Baskeville, S Ellis v M Allman, M Hughes v M Coupe, J Bailey v M Tunstall, G McGafferty v S Goodwin, G Cookson v M Leach, L Dale v L Heaton, C Wraight v G Ellis. Admission £7 for an excellent Days Bowling .....Tuesday and Wednesday goes LIVE ON ITV4 FROM 10am to 5.30pm......

September 09, 2016
South Shore Doubles
Sunday 18th September 11.30 and 12.15

11.30am; L Eccles/P, W Harding/S Taylor, C Hodge/R Walters, E Glen/D Foxton, M Gilbert/I Holden, S Tomlinson/S Torr, D Grimshaw/B Wilson, G Law/S Brown....12.15; D White/T Thrope, V O,Donnell/P Hawkes, J Kenny/T Kitchen, J Seeley/K Barks, J Gardner/D McDermott, P Horton/L Casey, I Rutter/D Miller, J Barlow/M Byron.

September 09, 2016
South Shore Doubles
Sunday 18th September......10am and 10.45am

10am; A Harrison/P, R Tuscanyi/P, T Anderson/B Taylor, C Martin/P McVittie, B Robinson/M Fieldhouse, P Wilson/P, R Anderson/J Carr, A Fleming/P..10.45am; T Martin/J Bird, D Walker/D Parkinson, J Urmson/S Harrison, G Dan/M Coupe, D Hodge/D Carter, J Bottomley/M Jackson, G Goulding/A Eccles, T Walmsley/G Warrington..

August 29, 2016
Ladies Singles @ Gardners Arms Thornton Cleveleys
Sunday 4th September

Places are available for the Ladies Singles Competition to be held at Gardners Arms. Please Terlephone David Yule 07813371153.........Thank You......

August 19, 2016
Marton Institute 2016 open pairs Sunday 28th August
Sponsored by Marton Institute and Grolsch

11.30am A Thornton/S Brown V T Wood/P Wilson J Urmson/S Harrison V G Meakin/B Whyatt M Simpson V C Crompton/B Horman B Smith/D Heyes V S King/A Holcroft12.15pm K Barks/ptnr V J Grimston/ptnr L Eccles/pntr V O Halstead/B Clarke M Coupe/ptnr V M Byron/J Barlow L Casey/P Horton V M Jackson/J BottomleyBeer festival on all weekend come and sample some cask beers and watch some excellent bowling. Bowling run by Tom and Sharron King.

August 19, 2016
Marton Institute 2016 open pairs - Sunday 28th August
Sponsored by Marton Institute and Grolsch

10am M Hewitson/D Ashcroft V M Fleming O Jackson/A Woof V J Foulds/ptnr T Kitchen/J Kenny V J Seeley/J Holyoake P Elliot/ptner V T King/B Thornton10.45am D Watter/S Coupe V T Barnett/ptner C Goulding/A Eccles V M Norcup/K Simpson M Opie/S Anderton V J Hibbertson/R Hoyles P Kissock/M Johnstone V E Glen/D Foxton

August 13, 2016
Talbot Trophy
Draw for Finals Day September 22nd PART 2

17 Chris Bly Bury18 Steve Harrison Blackpool19 Glynn Cookson Winsford20 Matt Gillies Manchester21 Graeme Wilson Droylsden22 Jason Jones Rhyl23 Scott Simpson Staffordshire24 Steve Roberts Shropshire25 Ashley Bracken Birmingham26 Kevin Keary Staffordshire27 Thomas Lowndes Ellesmere Port28 Roy Moxham Barrow in Furness29 Tommy Johnstone Poynton30 Tim Houghton Garstang31 Dave McDermott Wirrel32 Damian Morrison Warrington

August 13, 2016
Talbot Trophy
Draw for Finals Day September 22nd 10am PART 1

1 Ross Dunkerley Birmingham2 Duncan Reeves Netherton3 Rob Burroughs Telford4 Neil Slattery Huddersfield5 Andy Fleming Kirkham6 Ashley Daykin Homefirth7 Kieran Smith Crossgates8 Danny Petcher Derbyshire9 Mark Richardson Wigan10 Gary Ellis Whitefield11 Simon Brown Cumbria12 Robert Hitchen Halifax13 Andy Delooze Wrexham14 Jamie Dunn Nuneaton15 John Foulds Blackpool16 James Grimston Lytham

August 13, 2016
Goose Green Mixed Doubles

64 pairs at £12 per pair entry fee..... Prize money £800+ (subject to full entries)Qualifying dates Tues 18th, Wed 19th, Thurs 20th and Fri 21st October..choose 6.30pm or 7.30pm. Each session will be drawn on the night.Practice is at 6pm.Final Day Sunday 23rd October @ 12 noon (No practice)(Please do not enter if you are not available on finals day)All Names to Pat Conchie 07519766453

August 11, 2016
Cleveleys Mens Open Doubles
Sunday 14th August (pt 1)

9.45; P Horton/L Casey,D Yule/Partner, G Daw/M Coupe, E Pye/Partner, C Dawson/D Darley, E Glen/D Foxton, S Hargreaves/Prtner, F Anders/T Houghton.....10.30; B Smith/D Heyes, J Carr/P Atherton, J Bates/M Manning, D Porter/T Burrows, P Hall/L Beavers, J Foulds/D Holding, D Parkinson/Partner, J Kenny/T Kitchen............All Welcome Refreshments/Bar etc

August 11, 2016
Cleveleys Mens Open Doubles
Sunday 14th August (pt 2)

11.15; J Slinger/G Sanderson, M Fieldhouse/Partner, M Holden/L Ollerton, O & H Ellison, A & M Fleming, R Anderson/Partner, B Yarwood/S White, T Anderson, B Taylor.......12.00; M Gardner/Partner, M & M Jackson, P Blakeley/Partner, J Manson/S Beckinstall, S Harrison/J Urmson, K Rutter/H Harris, G Wood/Partner, J Bibby/Partner

August 07, 2016
Fylde Amateur league Cup Final
Marrton Inst v Cleveleys Mens @ Waterloo 8th August

Fylde League Cup Final will take place at Waterloo on Monday 8th August at 6.45pm Start. Marton will have practise from 6.15 to 6.25 and Cleveleys Mens Practise from 6.25 to 6.35.....All Welcome to pop along to the Waterloo........Good luck to both Teams.

August 04, 2016
NL & Fylde County Vets Merit
Saturday 6th August at Kirkham Cons

10.30; S Marshall, C Pollard, M Cottam, I Beecroft, J Thompson, B Hefferan, J Carr, D Darley..11.15; H Derbyshire, D Kirby, G Bamber, R Ashcroft, B Brown, B Topham, M Fleming, P Clemence, .12.00; P Gallagher, D Holt, G Foy, G Barnett, G Coupe, C Crossland, A Smith, K Crook..12.30; V O,Donnell, L Hart, K Higham, F Gledhill, N Spencer, T Helm, S Ashcroft, M Hewitson.

July 31, 2016
2016 Ladies Talbot Trophy
2016 Ladies Talbot Trophy sponsored by Pat and John Crowther

Played at Marton Institute; spaces have recently become available;4 spaces on Saturday 6th August at 10am & 1 space on Saturday 6th August at 1pm. Final day is Saturday September 17th. Please let Sharron King know asap if you would like to enter 07792923251. Thanks, Sharron King

July 31, 2016
Talbot Trophy @ The Raikes
This weeks Qualifiers

Thomas Lowndes Drew 27.....Ashley Bracken Drew 25.....Kevin Keary Drew 26.....James Grimston Drew 16.....Simon Brown Drew 11.....Matt GilliesmDrew 20.....Rob Burroughs Drew 3.....Danny Petcher Drew 8.....Andy Delooze Drew 13.....Duncan Reeves Drew 2.....Tim Houghton Drew 30.....Tommy Johnstone Drew 29

July 31, 2016
The Raikes Bowling Club
Talbot Handicap

The Talbot Handicap continues today at 1pm and then Monday to Friday at 10am.Want to watch some class bowling then come on down to the Raikes BC free admission and Tea, Coffee and Biscuits are available for a small fee Also anybody who wishes to come and help mark cards and measure please feel free to come and help.

July 29, 2016
Tom Woods Mixed Doubles Cleveleys Mens
Friday 29th July

Veronica Lyon/Paul Hawker16-21 Cath & Graeme Wilson.... Caroline Hall & Paul Dawson 21-11 Dave Lunn & Eileen Foey..... Robbie Eliis & Lisa Winterburn 21-18 Linda & Bob Bennett..... Sue & Colin Newton 7-21 Carol Dawson & Dave Darley..S/F; Cath & Graeme Wilson 11-21 Caroline Hall/Paul Dawson....Robbie Ellis/Lisa Winterburn 7-21 Carol Dawson/Dave Darley....Final; Caroline Hall/Paul Dawson 21-9 Carol Dawson/Dave Darley

July 28, 2016
Cleveleys Mens Mixed Doubles
Sunday 31st July (PT 1)

10am; M Gardner/Partner, P Conchie/G Sanderson, E & G Glover, N & P Hopwood, C Dawson/D Darley, E Pye/V O,Donnell, P & J McVittie, Bye............10.40am; K Hoyle/J Sharratt, L Beavers/B Yarwood, T Rawcliffe/S Lawton, M Jackson/Partner, P & S Denny, J & J Salisbury, Bye, A Holt/A Fleming.........All are Scratch when called..........Spaces available .........All Welcome.......

July 28, 2016
Cleveleys Mens Mixed Doubles
Sunday 31st July (pt2)

11.20; J & F Jolly, Bye, B & G Foster, G Yarwood/J Carr, S & R Anderson, L Ollerton/M Holden, L Hankey/R Belshaw, S & T Barnett.......12.00; J Manson/J Kenny, L & G Wood, B Smith/Partner, A & P Barlow, T & C Martin, B & D Dootson, L Pritchart/M Evans, S Beckinsall/J Foulds

July 27, 2016
Tom Woods Mixed Doubles at Cleveleys Mens
Friday 29th July 6pm Start

Veronica Lyon/Paul Hawker v Cath & Graeme Wilson.... Caroline Hall & Paul Dawson v Dave Lunn & Eileen Foey..... Robbie Eliis & Lisa Winterburn v Linda & Bob Bennett..... Sue & Colin Newton v Carol Dawson & Dave Darley............All Welcome..............

July 26, 2016
Tom Woods Mixed Doubles Cleveleys Mens Club
Wednesday 27th July ......6.30pm and 7.30pm

6.30pm; B Gloag/K Lockwood 19-21 C Dawson/D Darley..G & C Wilson 21-17 D Wright/P McGuirk..J Hargreaves/B Booth 9-21 C & S Newton...V O,Donnell/E Pye 19-21 L & B Bennett.......7.30pm; V Lyon/P Hawker 21-14 J Pepper/D Gardner..D Lunn/E Foey 21-19 J McDermott/J Jones..R Ellis/L Winterburn 21-12 J Gloag/J Chetwood...J & D Owen 16-21 C Hall/P Dawson..... Finals Night on Friday 29th July Commencing at 6pm......All Welcome.......Thank You

July 26, 2016
Talbot Handicap @ The Raikes
Results Monday 25th July

Results Mon 25th July Talbot HandicapMitch Harvey 14 Lee Brown 21Adam Morgan 14 Andy Sorsby 21Thomas Lowndes W/OAdam Kirby W/OAshley Bracken 21 Matt Hill 13Colin Scorah W/ONick White 21 Chris Hodge 17Lee Kington 10 Gary Owen 21Lee Brown 15 Andy Sorsby 21Thomas Lowndes 21 Adam Kirby 18Ashley Bracken 21 Colin Scorah 12Nick White 21 Gary Owen 20Andy Sorsby 16 Thomas Lowndes 21Ashley Bracken 21 Nick White 20QualifiersThomas Lowndes drew 27Ashley Bracken drew 25

July 22, 2016
Tom Woods Mixed Doubles
Tom Woods Parking Restrictions

Please note the only Cars with valid permits are allowed to park on the Top Club, but are allowed to park Free after 6pm on the Council Car Park next Door.......Thank You.

July 18, 2016
Gardeners Arms Singles Finals Day
Sunday 24th July 11am Start

Paul Leah 4-21 Paul Dawson, Martin Gilpin 21-3 Mike Fleming, Dan Hibbert 12-21 Lee Heaton, Ian Nicholson 14-21 Hugh Hornby, Mick Prescott 11-21 Graeme Wilson, Andy Fleming 18-21 Dave Watters, Peter Millington (jnr) 14-21 Tommy King, Andy Thornton 4-21 Geoff Little..Q/F..P Dawson 11 M Gilpin 21, L Heaton 21 H Hornby 17, G Wilson 21 D Watters 2, T King 14 G Little 21...S/F M Gilpin 21 L Heaton 14, G Wilson 21 G Little 13...Final; M Gilpin 21 G Wilson 6......Thanks everyone appreciate the support.

July 16, 2016
Tom Woods Mixed Doubles
Tom Woods Mixed Doubles Cleveleys Mens Club

Tom Woods Mixed Doubles at Cleveleys Workingmens Club held in the Fleetwood Festival Week at Night. There are Vacancies on Saturday 23rd July and Sunday 24th July at 6.30pm and 7.30pm, if interested Please phone Graham Wood on 07889544926......Thank You.

July 11, 2016
NL & Fylde Ladies County
NL & Fylde Ladies v Shropshire 17th July @ Singleton BC 2pm

C.Hall, J Holcroft, W Walton, P Conchie, S Kayley, K Wilson, A Holt, M Dransfield, L Bennett, K Garnett C Dawson, M Warburton.......Away Team; J Jolly, K Watkinson, A Lea, L Traynor, C Russell, J France, B Danson, S Bentham, W Harris, A Brown, L Forshaw, C Lockwood

July 08, 2016
Blackpool & Wyre Ladies Evening Bowling League
NL Fylde Ladies County run competition

NLFylde Ladies County are running a doubles on Sunday September 11, 2016, 10:00 am at Blackpool Subscription Bowling & Snooker Club. This is open to all players in the NL Fylde area not just county players.Entry £10 per Couple....All entries to Mrs S Bentham 32 Coe Lane Tarleton Preston PR4 6HH Telephone 01772 813954

July 07, 2016
Waterloo Co-Op Funeral Care

We are pleased to announce that the Waterloo Co-Op Funeral Care will again be LIVE ON ITV4 on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st September from 10am until 5.30pm. Please try and support the venue Tickets are available any further information please speak to Mark Audin Bowls Manager 07986799299, Peter Jose 07596230870, Ian Bass 07821929329 who will be pleased to help you..Full Weeks Bowling from Sat 17th September to Sunday 25th September as well..inc Champion of Champions 24th/25th....

July 04, 2016
Gardeners Arms Singles Comp
Saturday 9th July.....(PT1)

10am; J Gardner v M Jackson, C Martin v GI Wilson, M Leach v A McDermott, P Kissock v C Wraight.........11am; R Walters v M Prescott, S Thistlewaite v B Thornton, M Thornton v ANO, C Bramhall v J McDermott........2pm; M Dewhurst v ANO, W Heffernan v M Fieldhouse, S Taylor v B Daniels, A Morgan v D McDermott.......3pm; W Harding v S Atkinson, C Scorah v G Eckersley, B Yarwood v C Bly, R Anderson v B Robinson......

July 04, 2016
Gardeners Arms Singles Comp
Sunday 10th July............(PT2)

10am; P Horton v M Gilpin, D Watters v J Seeley, I Smith v S Anderton, M Coupe v P Dale.11am; M Opie v J Ball, M Byron v L Dale, I Nicholson v J Foulds, D Heyes v S Coupe.2pm; S Meakin v C Newton, H Hornby v P Heap, C Barlow v G Sanderson, P McVittie v S Bentham..........3pm; C Jolly v J Metters, J Barlow v S Hargreaves, T King v H Watkinson, G Meakin v A Power.

July 04, 2016
Gardeners Arms Singles Comp
Saturday 16th July.....(pt 3)

10am; T Jessop v B Butler, Simon Hargreaves v D Foxton, P Romney v A Fleming, D Edmundson v J Parsons......11am; A Thornton v C Massey, J Bottomley v G Ellis, S Wragg v L Carr, E Glen v L Casey......2pm; D Miller v J Carr, G Daw v D Bilsborrow, T Kitchen v L Heaton, R Foster v B Clarke.......3pm; M Heap v K Dodd, S Mort v P Wilson, M Gardner v W Speed, N Billington v P Sutcliffe.......

July 04, 2016
Gardeners Arms Singles Comp
Sunday 17th July.......(PT4)

10am; P Bailey v R Crowther, F Wilkinson v ANO, J Blades v G Law, J Hartshorn v Colin Betty.11am; M French v ANO, T Lowndes v K Cottrell, S Brown v P Leah, R Smith v D Ford.2pm; J Urmson v M Holden, G Little v D Holt, A Williams v J Brown, C Ramell v J Coupe.3pm; B Casson v M Wensley, C Johnson v I White, S Billington v M Hewitson, Chris Betty v M Fleming;

June 28, 2016
Cleveleys Workingmens Club Competitions
Tom Woods Mixed Doubles/Mixed Doubles/Open Doubles

2 sessions 6.30pm and 7.30pm.........Vacancies available still on the following Days; Entries to Alan Rigg on 01253 857802 or Mobile 07925528452. Saturday 23rd July @ 6.30pm 3 Spaces......7.30pm.....6 Spaces, Sunday 24th July @ 6.30pm 4 Spaces......7.30pm .....4 Spaces, Tuesday 26th July @ 6.30pm 1 Space.1 Day Mixed Doubles Sunday 31st July......11 Spaces1 Day Open Doubles Suday 14th August......3 Spaces.

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